New Talnah Concentrating Plant’s construction entered active phase

New Talnah Concentrating Plant’s construction entered active phase

June 14, 2022

The summer construction season will allow to create the groundwork for the next stage.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The project TCP-PR 3LC’s (Talnah Concentrating Plant – Plant’s Reconstruction the 3rd launch complex) builders have started the active stage of construction. The project’s main goal is to increase the Talnah Concentrating plant’s capacity to 18 million tons of processing per year to process all Talnah ores here.

Two main complexes are considered key at this stage: the ore preparation and supply facility at the new sites and the main building where the main technological operations will be carried out.

The ore preparation and supply facilities are among the largest on the site: more than 550 workers and specialists, more than 75 pieces of equipment of the main project’s contractor ICC (the Industrial Construction Company) are involved in the construction.

The main building’s reconstruction employs 113 people and 17 pieces of equipment. The customer announced serious plans, the ICC will increase the employees’ number up to a thousand people to implement them.

The main monolithic work must be completed by the builders before the cold weather. The plans provide for the metal structures’ installation and the thermal circuits’ closure.

The previous winter taught the builders a lot. There was a lot of snow and frost, but the experience was taken into account, the work’s necessary adjustments were made, so that so that natural phenomena would not interfere with production in the future.

About 180 thousand tons of cargo, construction materials and equipment have been brought during the project’s implementation work.

The TCP-PR 3LC project’s director, the ICC’s head Vitaly Tomilov said:

Workers for construction have to be mobilized from all Russian regions. Specialists from Moscow, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Belgorod and other places are working on the TCP-PR 3LC project in Norilsk now.

Already 100 percent of preparatory work: monolithic work on the ore preparation facilities’ foundations have been completed.

The builders have started the metal structures’ installation, the fencing structures will be next. It’s planned to start the technological equipment’s installation at the ore treatment facilities in the III-IV quarter of this year.

It is planned to close the external facilities’ contours by the end of the year to further focus on the internal work. The new receiving hopper at the construction site will have to take up to five million tons of ore and send it further down the conveyor galleries. The conveyor belt feeders will lift the ore further up the conveyor galleries through the transfer units to the main building. The new conveyor belt will be about two kilometers long.

The TCP-PR 3LC Reconstruction Project Office’s  head Alexander Heinbichner said:

The TCP-PR 3LC project has passed the initiation phase, planning with the passage of all necessary expertise within the project’s documentation’s development. The project is at the implementation stage now and has already entered the active construction phase.

The project office is located directly in the plant. Its staff is 65 people. The project team includes Polar Division’s employees which took part in the second launch complex’s construction and launch.

The office’s proximity to the construction site is convenient. The representatives of the design institute, operation service, equipment suppliers, logisticians and other participants are permanently located at the site, not only the builders.

The construction is going on around the clock. The summer construction season is especially important for Norilsk. In this period, experts believe, it is possible not only to compensate for local lags, admitted in winter because of the weather conditions, but also to form a reserve for the next stage.

Alexander Heinbichner said:

More than 30,000 cubic meters of monolithic work on reinforced concrete have been made since the construction beginning. 1,500 tons of old metal structures have been completely dismantled and more than a thousand tons of new ones have been installed. About 8,000-10,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete and more than 1,500 tons of metal structures are planned for the summer.

The renovated main building will contain flotation machines, a grinding span and a bunker span. Works on strengthening the frame in accordance with the calculated loads are being carried out, and reinforced concrete and metal structures are being installed now.

Two contractors are involved in the works: the Norilsknickelremont LLC (NNR) and the Industrial Construction Company. Two contractors have more than 300 personnel and over 25 vehicles in the main building in total.

The Norilsknickelremont employees entered the object in the beginning of 2020. All equipment, flotation machines and mills’ foundations (about 16 thousand cubic meters of reinforced concrete) have been dismantled since then. There were flotation machines in the workshop and 13 grinding mills in the spans. The repairmen lowered the mark of the workshop to design level with excavation of about 60,000 cubic meters of soil. All ceilings in the bunker span were dismantled, new ones are being installed, the frame of the building with a metal structures’ total weight about 200 tons is being strengthen now.

The installation of 12 technological chain’s bunkers of the launch complex begins. Builders are engaged in fire protection of metal structures with an area of about 20 thousand square meters. The reinforcement of old steel structures, foundations and columns for new equipment continues, taking into account changes in the load on the building and new technical requirements.

The Repair-Construction Trust (a structural subdivision of NNR) deputy head for capital construction Zaurbek Dzobaev said:

About 290 NNR’s employees work at the object per day. Starting from June 1, we increase this number to 400 people including student teams. The roof dismantling and replacement will be started in the bunker span in June. The NNR changed about 3,500 square meters of roof in spans A and B last year. The peak of work is expected in August, when it will be necessary to mobilize forces both in the NNR and from colleagues. 1,000 tons of metal structures have been dismantled, about 16,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete, about 45,000 cubic meters of soil have been removed from the workshop, more than 7,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete have been taken, 1,000 tons of new structures have been installed.

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Text: Denis Kozhevnikov, Photo: author

June 14, 2022

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