New art facades made Norilsk brighter

New art facades made Norilsk brighter

October 02, 2023

Now the Norilsk street art gallery ARcTic has 15 works of monumental painting.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Artists have completed the design of three technical structures on Komsomolskaya street as part of the Norilsk Development Agency’s (NDA) project of the Norilsk street art gallery – ARcTic. The authors of the public art are Sergey Akramov from Yekaterinburg, Roman Muratkin from Serpuhov and Krasnoyarsk resident Yury Averin.

“This time we decided to implement the Creative View concept, so that artists would be inspired to create, and the Norilsk residents working next to these objects would have an interesting view from their windows.

Sharing this idea with the artists, we didn’t limit their ideas. The artwork on the central structure is dedicated to the cinema. Wall panels on neighboring buildings complement the overall creative background and tell about Norilsk in their own way”, said Karina Andreyeva, head of sociocultural and educational projects at the NDA.

All three structures have different surfaces – it was necessary to work on metal profiled sheets, brickwork and plaster using different materials, tools and different techniques.

Krasnoyarsk resident Yury Averin has been engaged in street art for more than 20 years, working in the direction of geometric abstraction:

“I used 18 shades in the sketch. This was not an easy task for me, because I usually work with five or six colors and really love black and white graphics. And 50 percent of this mural is an abstract composition, including some elements from satellite images of the city, which gave me the feeling of a labyrinth. I had the same feeling when I came here”.

Sergey Akramov has been involved in street art for about 15 years, the main theme of his creativity is natural motifs:

“Norilsk residents love to grow plants both at home and at work. The pink light of phytolamps from the windows can be often seen here. We decided to take this symbol outside and thereby to make the space around it homy. For the sketch I chose ficus, philodendron, monstera – and assembled them into a pattern with elements of abstraction. I applied the image using aerosol enamel. Thanks to the wavy surface of the facade, an interesting visual effect appeared”.

Roman Muratkin has been doing street art for almost 20 years, writing works in his own style:

“I’ve chosen the shooting stage plot. It depicts a certain dialogue between the director, actor, cameraman and his assistant against the backdrop of scenery. Honestly, this is not the biggest object for me, but it took no less painstaking effort. The biggest problem was the cloudy weather. After all, rain is the main enemy for façade paint”.

Now the Norilsk street art gallery ARcTica has 15 works of monumental painting: a new triptych on Komsomolskaya street has added to the list of 12 artistic panels and art objects created over the four years of the project’s existence.

Let us remind you that for the 70th anniversary of Norilsk, a mosaic panel The Sun of the Arctic was opened near the hotel on Kirov street.

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Text: Angelika Stepanova, Photo: Norilsk Development Agency

October 02, 2023

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