Museum audio spectacles continue in Norilsk

Museum audio spectacles continue in Norilsk

March 24, 2022

The workshop for the project participants was held by playwright Yury Klavdiyev.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Theatrical museum project – Norilsk. The actors – was among the winners of the Museum without Borders competition program of Vladimir Potanin’s charitable foundation.

The first workshop on the creation of documentary museum audio-excursions was held by anthropologist Nikita Petrov in December last year.

Each actor recorded a personal history of a Norilsk resident in an interview format. Thus, a teacher of the Polar State University Larisa Samoilova took an interview with a student, a future mechanic Artyom Popov. The organizer of local history excursions Olga Sivkova recorded Norilsk stories from a Norilsk-born resident Nadezhda Vasilyeva, and young Julia Shahrai from a construction company chose a famous photographer Vitas Benetu as a character.

At the Stories – the second workshop, from the playwright Yury Klavdiyev – novice authors became acquainted with the basics of writing.

For Olga Sivkova the theatrical-and-museum project made it possible to learn from Nadezhda Vasilyeva, what kind of city was Norilsk 50-60 years ago:

“When Nadya recalled Norilsk of her childhood, it turned out that she re-opened much for herself. And so much warmth, stateness was in those memories that I really wanted to save and transfer this atmosphere for history”.

Among the authors of the materials of the future documentary performance there are people of different professions. There are production workers, entrepreneurs, an artist and representatives of other creative professions. Their names and memories will be inscribed in the history of the city and will sound at the end of the year when the Norilsk Museum new excursion route is ready. After four-day classes, the actors will finalize their texts under the laws of drama and send them to Yury Klavdiyev. The meeting with a museummer Andrey Rymar and a theater director of Elena Smorodinova is also going to take place.

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Text: Valentina Vachayeva, photo: Anna Rakhmatulina / Norilsk Museum

March 24, 2022

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