Most renovation facilities to be built by Nornickel

Most renovation facilities to be built by Nornickel

January 26, 2023

From 2023, the company will start building new low-rise buildings in Norilsk.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Renovation is part of Nornickel’s strategy in Norilsk. Nikolay Utkin, Nornickel’s senior vice president, the Norilsk Division head, spoke about what the Norilsk people can expect in the near future in an interview with the Severny Gorod media company.

Nickolay Utkin

“We understand that all of our employees live here. Nornickel is the city of Norilsk. And we have already begun large-scale construction projects. The first two high-rise buildings will appear on 50 Years of October Street. Next year we are going to begin the construction of four low-rise buildings.

In addition, a lot of design work is underway to start construction of two more facilities in 2023: the ice palace and the new Tower public space in the historic building at Leninsky prospect 1. And the construction of a swimming pool is planned for 2024.

A new clinic will be built in the Talnah district. A separate story is Oganer. Construction will start there next year. A kindergarten, a school and the first eight multi-storey buildings will be built there. And this is besides what we are doing additionally for the reconstruction of existing buildings and structures.

80 percent of the entire set of renovation will be built by the company with the involvement of contractors. And the first contractors have already appeared, these are large federal-level companies.”

The sketches of facade solutions for houses in Norilsk

According to the Norilsk Division head, Nornickel is not only building, but is also actively involved in saturating new places of attraction with events. For example, such as the sports hall Ayka:

“It is very important for us that people are active, involved, because it is impossible to make progress in the production field and not be a versatile person. Sport, like nothing else, brings people together, forms teams. If we talk about Ayka, it is also changing. We are transforming the interior decoration in order to interest young people and children more. Today, over 300 children in Norilsk can professionally play futsal, classes for them are organized in the Ayka sports hall”.

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Text: Anzhelika Stepanova, Photos: Nikolay Shchipko, Marina Peshkova, Olga Polyanskaya and Denis Kozhevnikov

January 26, 2023

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