Living North eco-project started in Taimyr

Living North eco-project started in Taimyr

July 27, 2020

The activists decided to collect trash in the tundra and clean up the reservoirs.

Experienced and very young tourists, lovers of extreme, employees of the Taimyr Nature Reserves Directorate have come together to make the Taimyr nature cleaner – to remove garbage, fishing nets and old equipment from the shores of lakes and rivers.

The activists found one of the dumps on the bank of Norilka river. Vacationers, apparently, were too lazy to take jars and bottles to the sanctioned city dump.

In one of the backwaters of the Glubokaya River, the eco-party split into several groups. The first one worked along the coast. The second one examined the bottom from the boat. The third group – divers – lifted various rubbish to the surface.

The project partners from the Storm city extreme park, Andrey Gerasimov and Alexey Yakovlev, are responsible for the direction of the scuba divers. At the bottom, the guys found a snowmobile caterpillar, which had been abandoned here by the tundra tourists.

“Actually, the water is very deep here. But for safety reasons, we will clean the reservoirs up to eighteen meters, inspect, and lift all the garbage. We have a big airboat. We can take a ton of cargo with us. There will be a couple of small boats, with the help of which we will examine the coast to find abandoned nets and garbage. If it is very large we will take it partly in winter on a snowmobile, because it will be easier”, Andrey Gerasimov said.

Alexander Evlash, an experienced tourist, is responsible for the logistics of the project. He knows these places very well. Every summer he brings travelers here from all over Russia and other countries. Alexander said that there are more and more people who want to admire the beauty of the North, but “it is ugly to invite guests into a house where the residents cannot clean up after themselves”.

The project is funded by the Presidential Grants Fund. The sum is rather big – over two million rubles.

A major deal of the money will be spent on transportation costs. The other part will be spent on equipment and a base camp in the ​​Sobachye Lake area. As well as the Glubokoe and Nakomyaken lakes, it will be cleaned by the project participants this summer.

According to the head of the Living North project Elena Dudchenko, one abandoned fishing net can lead to the death of up to one ton of fish. Volunteers will also be involved in the project, but not all.

“We ask to join volunteers with special knowledge – fishermen, hunters, tourists. At least knowledge of the territory is necessary, because you have to feed yourself somehow, you have to be able to swim. Doctors are also invited to the project”, said Elena Dudchenko.

Volunteers have already been recruited, but additional help is still needed. To become a participant in the project, one has to fill out a questionnaire and designate the place to be cleaned.

In early August, activists will establish a base camp. Then the first volunteers will come there.

Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo:

July 27, 2020

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