Industrial photo exhibition opened in Norilsk (0+)

Industrial photo exhibition opened in Norilsk (0+)

July 14, 2022

Industrial photographers Marina Peshkova and Agata Karaseva presented their views on production.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. A photo exhibition dedicated to the the Nornickel’s mining and metallurgical complex employees was opened in the Ayka sports hall on the Metallurgist Day eve in Norilsk.

Marina Peshkova (Norilsk) and Agata Karaseva (Moscow) presented their views on mining and metallurgical production. Visitors will be able to see photographs dedicated to the miners and metallurgists’ heroism and courage.

How is smelting carried out in the smelter? What is a copper cathode carousel? What is the mining excavator bucket’s volume? How is the mill lining armor strengthened? Who does the hydraulic cleaning in the grinding and flotation workshop? How far apart are the Talnah mines?

The authors show the power and beauty of ore mining, metal beneficiation and smelting , demonstrate sparks’ fireworks and workshops’ panoramic shots , provide an opportunity to see processes hidden from prying eyes.

“I was invited to work at the company exactly 15 years ago, on Metallurgist Day, so this is a doubly significant holiday for me. Metallurgy is my element as a photographer, it is more emotional, it makes me delight: it is metal splashes that you can look at endlessly, a colors’ riot against the workshops’ dark background. Everything else is not so dynamic, there is a different specificity. Any production has a beautiful imagery, which I try to see and show others through photography”, said the Nornickel’s Polar Division’s Public Relations Department’s leading specialist Marina Peshkova.

 “My credo in industrial photography is beauty and scale: a juicy, bright and contrasting picture, pure and saturated colors. I try to show any production processes beautifully. Production cannot exist without people. In addition to working equipment, there are always people in my shots. A person in the frame can contribute to understanding the machines and equipment’s size. For example: a human figure next to the BelAZ wheel creates an idea of ​​the car’s huge size”, said industrial photographer Agata Karaseva.

The exposition’s guests will have the opportunity to appreciate the artistic approach to the mining and metallurgical industry’s sectors, take a virtual tour to the Nornickel’s production sites and join the celebration of the citywide holiday.

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Text: Ekaterina Maksimova, Photo: Marina Peshkova, Agata Karaseva

July 14, 2022

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