“I wrote love poems at school”

“I wrote love poems at school”

June 29, 2021

Dmitry Smogorzhevsky presented poetry dedicated to Norilsk to the Stars Corporation competition.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The relatives of the car mechanic from the Norilsktransremont enterprise are well aware of Dmitry’s love for poetry, thanks to his participation in the competition, the public also learned about it.

What are blizzards and snow to us?
We do not care about frost and blizzard.
To us, children of cold and ice,
Born in the Arctic Circle,
To us, those who have seen stars since childhood
Against the backdrop of white darkness
Captivated by the northern lights
At the edge of the lake blue
We are not afraid of storms in life.
What a storm against black blizzards,
When you can’t see a friend next to you
Only hot snow around?
From generation to generation
Another tribe is born
And passes to them from mouth to mouth:
“Norilsk is my home, my destiny!”

This was one of the poems about the city that Dmitry, presented for the competition, dedicated to Norilsk, his hometown. He was born in the northern city, graduated from high school and began to write poetry. Just in high school age.

“Of course, about love!” he laughs. At this age, one topic ‘burns’.

True, interest in versification temporarily faded away, but after the army, Dmitry returned to his school hobby. Now poetry has ‘matured’ together with the author. The theme has also changed – Dmitry speaks in rhymed lines about the city, nature, family, children and just thinks about life.

Dmitry Smogorzhevsky with his wife

Of course, poetry reflects his state of mind and life events – his own family, for example. Northern nature also gives inspiration. He is a mushroom picker with great experience, he and his wife also collect berries, and he respects fishing very much. Therefore, he can tell about the beauty of the local tundra. Also in poetry.

Growing up over the years
I understood and felt all the charm
The land is the mistress of the northern seas
Where the pulse of her northern radiance is painted.
My soul is captive to the snow
Over time, it did not cool down, did not cool down.
And in spite of everything, she only warmed and loved
The nature that mesmerized me.
Maybe the hour in my life will come for me
When I have to leave the far North.
I am always with you in the hour of memories
I’ve been your son and will always be.

His own children were not carried away by versification. However, Dmitry says that, apparently, he inherited the love of rhymes from his mother. She wrote poetry which was published in a newspaper.

“Of course, I am not Yesenin or Mayakovsky, but I love poetry. My relatives know about my hobby, and I am pleased to please them”, he smiles.

Last year Dmitry released a collection of his poems – The 69th Parallel. The circulation is small – only 40 copies, they all went to friends and family acquaintances. But thanks to the video presented at the Stars Corporation last year, many Norilsk residents could hear his poems.

Unfortunately, it seems that the competitive debut will also be the last performance of Dmitry Smogorzhevsky in the Stars Corporation.

“Honestly, if my family hadn’t persuaded me, I would not have gone to the competition. I do not strive for fame, my small but devoted audience is enough for me. If someone likes my poems, I am very pleased. So I will continue to do what I love, but, as before, for a small circle of listeners”, he says.

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Text: Maria Sokolova, Photo: open sources and personal archive of Dmitry Smogorzhevsky

June 29, 2021

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