Festive lighting to be made at Norilsk entrance

Festive lighting to be made at Norilsk entrance

August 19, 2022

Installation and connection of lighting on houses, as well as illumination on the dividing strip, will be completed by December.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The town planning council approved a draft design of the architectural and artistic lighting of six apartment buildings at the entrance to the city from Krasnoyarskaya street. In addition, illumination will appear on 17 pillars on the dividing strip. The project was prepared by the Norilsk Development Agency in partnership with the city’s highway department.

Everyday lightning

Luminaires designed for the climatic conditions of the Far North – temperatures down to minus 60 degrees and high humidity – were chosen as light sources. These lamps were successfully tested by Siberian frosts – for many years they have been used in Krasnoyarsk at such facilities as the Nikolaevsky Bridge across the Yenisey, the Palace of Sports after Ivan Yarygin, Bishop’s House and others.

Festive lightning

 “We were offered various design solutions for the architectural illumination of Krasnoyarskaya street. This decision, in my opinion, is the best”, said the Norilsk head Dmitry Karasev. “In 2022, we will completely switch to energy-saving LED lighting throughout the city. The project of the architectural lighting of buildings and lighting poles was a continuation of this work. The entrance group was chosen as the first section”.

The project provides for four lighting scenarios: dimmed on duty, which can be used at night, moderate everyday, active lighting for weekends and holidays. It is planned to be completed by December.

“Architectural and artistic lighting, of course, will add brightness and dynamics to the entrance group”, said Maxim Mironov, the NDA director. “Previously, the agency initiated the painting of the residential buildings end facades along Krasnoyarskaya street in order to decorate the entrance to Norilsk. Professional muralists from Russia and Italy were involved in the work. Since 2019, residents and guests of the city have been greeted by images of reindeer and a polar bear with a cub. The developed project of architectural lighting includes the illumination of these paintings.

The next area where architectural lighting will appear will be Nansen street.

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Text: Elena Popova, Photo: Norilsk city hall’s press service

August 19, 2022

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