Expedition to Maria Pronchishcheva Bay planned

Expedition to Maria Pronchishcheva Bay planned

May 26, 2020

Norilsk Development Agency took part in the online conference Cultural Tourism in Russia. Forecasts. Prospects. Opportunities.

The event was organized by the National Tourism Union with the participation of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Krasnaya Polyana resort, the National Hospitality Union of Russia and the Association of Managers. The conference participants were specialists in the field of tourism and hotel business from all over the country.

One of the consequences of the coronavirus infection pandemic, according to experts, will be a sharp decline of the tourists’ quantity at the usual, promoted destinations. However, the current situation will contribute to the development of domestic tourism. And now the Russian travel industry has to prepare for the coming seasons.

The presentations at the conference were devoted to the opportunities and potential growth points of domestic tourism. The NDA Head of Tourism Development Anastasia Korol was among the speakers. She told about the possibilities of the Arctic tourist and recreational cluster, uniting Norilsk, Taimyr and the Putorana plateau, implementing the territory’s master plan and creating the ArcticZone unique Internet platform, which will summarize all the information about the Taimyr Arctic and allow tourists from anywhere in the world to prepare for the trip and pick a route.

The participants of the trip will find the remains of the “witnesses” of the Great Northern Expeditions there…
…will offer their excursion routes in Taimyr…
…examine the bottom and coast of the bay, the flora and fauna of the territory

This summer, the agency’s team, together with the Taimyr Nature Reserves and the cluster’s tour operators, act as coordinators of the expedition to Maria Pronchishcheva Bay, which is 75 km north of the Khatanga Bay entrance. Now they are looking for investors and specifying the expert set of the participants.

The 10-day trip promises to be eventful. The participants will find the remains of the “witnesses” of the Great Northern Expeditions, check the coordinates of walrus rookeries, examine the bottom and coast of the bay, the flora and fauna of the territory, and take samples of water and soil.

“At the entrance to the bay there is one of the largest in the former USSR, now an abandoned, northern base of polar explorers. Our task is to check its condition and the possibility of meeting guests there. Perhaps next year tourists will want to make a trip to Pronchishcheva Bay”, said Anastasia Korol.

Another task posed by the participants of the expedition is to initiate in the Russian Geographical Society the issue of renaming the bay of Maria Pronchishcheva to the bay of Tatyana Pronchishcheva. The toponymic error occurred several centuries ago when decrypting maps.

Recently new participants have entered into the agreement on the Arctic tourist cluster development, who will offer their excursion routes in Taimyr.

May 26, 2020

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