City of Labor Valor stele location chosen

City of Labor Valor stele location chosen

February 08, 2023

More than 4 500 Norilsk residents took part in the voting, the mayor's office took into account their wishes and the experts’ opinion.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The stele City of Labor Valor in Norilsk will be installed at the lake Dolgoye near the Sundial decorative structure. This decision was made by the city planning council after discussing this issue with the townspeople.

More than 4.5 thousand Norilsk citizens took part in the voting. The most popular locations were Gvardeiskaya square, Pushkin square and the territory near the Sundial decorative structure – they received approximately the same number of votes. The mayor’s office made the final choice taking into account the position of architects, designers, the town planning council members.

All three places were visited by the stele creator, the famous monumental sculptor and architect Denis Stritovich. The municipality agreed with him on the location and size of the memorial sign. The shape of the stele is the same in all cities, but differs in design details.

According to Yulia Fartushina, head of the city environment design department, if the stele had been installed on Gvardeiskaya square, the monument to the Metallurgists of Norilsk would have had to be displaced:

“Gvardeiskaya square already has a large semantic load, and the main architectural development of the square should remain – an ensemble that has its own status. Oversaturation of these meanings will belittle the significance of the City of Labor Valor stele”.

Pushkin square is a very cozy place, and the monument requires a large area to be seen from all sides. Such a place is right the territory near the sundial.

“Here the stele can be very tall and illuminated. At the same site, it is proposed to place LED screens that will display information about interesting and important events in Norilsk”, the architect explained.

The Norilsk head, Dmitry Karasev, added that the area near the sundial would become a very beautiful place in the future:

“From here you can see the Old City, mount Schmidt opens up, where the Norilsk Golgotha memorial complex is installed, and soon there will be three viewing platforms at different heights. It turns out a certain border between the new Norilsk and the Old City, where the combine construction began”.

For the sundial, they will find another place. Experts will also think about the fate of the brick fortress located next to them. Probably it will be transferred to a children’s play complex.

Nornickel will be involved in the improvement of Lake Dolgoye park, and the installation of the stele is part of this project concept.

Now the stele designing stage begins. It should be installed in 2023. It is planned that the stele will be finished by November 15.

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Text: Anzhelika Stepanova, Photo: Norilsk city hall press service

February 08, 2023

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