Arctic farm becomes best family business for tourists

Arctic farm becomes best family business for tourists

April 18, 2022

People are attracted to Farmer's Sloboda with natural products and master classes in cheese making.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The family company Farmer’s Sloboda, founded by an Arctic resident in the small village of Levkovka near Arhangelsk, was included in the top 30 Russian enterprises in April according to the results of the Industrial Tourism Accelerator and won the Best Family Business for Tourists title.

In the guest courtyard, one can try healthy goat milk products, go on an eco-excursion and attend master classes in cheese making.

According to the owner of the farm, Vladimir Budeikin, the project, which he is conducting as a resident of the Arctic under an agreement with the Far East and the Arctic Development Corporation, will allow the company to reach a fundamentally new level.

The company has been operating for nine years, and at first the farmers just wanted to raise poultry and rabbits. But three years later, they decided to change the format, engage in dairy production and rural tourism.

“It allowed us to compensate for the costs of the initial work, organize the sale of products, develop and grow. Today, our farm has 70 dairy goats, we also came to this by accepting tourists”, said Vladimir Budeikin.

The family farm also produces condensed milk, soft and semi-hard cheeses – various types of Adyghe cheese, cachotta according to an Italian recipe, brunost – Norwegian brown cheese, and sweets from brunost.

About five million rubles were spent on the farm and equipment purchase. The total investment will be 8.1 million.

The plans are to increase the herd to 200 goats. To do this, entrepreneurs are reconstructing an empty Soviet-era farm building by the end of the year.

“We are also going to expand the range of products under the Farmer’s Sloboda brand – in the near future we will launch the production of cottage cheese and yogurt”, says the entrepreneur.

The investor also plans to equip a parking lot, pedestrian paths, renovate guest houses, build a cafe, and eventually create a full-fledged eco-park with thematic zones on an area of ​​four hectares.

Vladimir Budeikin emphasized that tax incentives for Arctic residents will be a good support in the implementation of the project.

Now, on the territory of the world’s largest special economic zone, 388 residents of the Arctic zone are implementing projects with a total investment portfolio of 527.7 billion rubles.

It is assumed that 16.8 thousand residents of the Arctic regions will be employed. Resident companies have already invested more than 29 billion rubles in the economy of the Russian Arctic, and 2.3 thousand northerners have received jobs.

Earlier, we talked about plans to build a tourist Lighthouse with northern cuisine and unique excursions in the village of Teriberka on the Kola peninsula. And a metallurgist from Monchegorsk decided to build a farm for breeding birds and rabbits in the Arctic.

They also plan to allocate 60 Arctic hectares near Norilsk. Arctic Hectare Program stimulates tourism development in the North of Russia.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo:

April 18, 2022

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