Another Arctic expedition starts from Norilsk

Another Arctic expedition starts from Norilsk

July 28, 2021

Researchers will study the state of cultural monuments.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Another Arctic expedition has started along the Yenisey gulf. Among the participants there are employees of the Norilsk Development Agency (NDA), Taimyr reserves, museum workers, scientists and travelers. In seven days, they will cover the route from Dudinka to Dikson and back on a motor ship.

At the Norilsk Development Agency before the trip

One of the points of interest will be the Brekhov Islands, where several rare species of birds live on the territory of more than 280 thousand hectares: the white-billed loon, the white-tailed eagle, the peregrine falcon, the little swan, the lesser white-fronted goose and the red-breasted goose.

Polar station Leskino

As noted in the NDA, in the future, the Brekhov Islands can become the center of birdwatching (observation and counting of birds) in Taimyr. The Big Arctic Reserve, which is the largest in Eurasia, is home to walruses, beluga whales, seals, bearded seal hares, polar bears, polar foxes and lemmings. After exploring the island, the expedition will head to the abandoned polar station Leskino.

In large and small settlements, researchers will study the peculiarities of culture, life and traditional crafts of the small peoples of the North. For example, they will visit Karaul, where more than three thousand out of about 4.5 thousand of the population are representatives of five indigenous ethnic groups. In addition, the village of Mungui, on the contrary, is one of the smallest on the route of the expedition: only 32 people live in it, who are engaged in hunting and fishing. In addition to the fact that the inhabitants of Mungui are engaged in traditional craft, there are sacred places for the Nenets in the village.

“Another task of the expedition is related to the development of a master plan for the tourist and recreational cluster Arctic. Together with the Norilsk Development Agency, the project is being carried out by the Zapovedniki ecological center. The developers of the strategic document will have to put on the map of Taimyr promising, from the point of view of future travelers, objects, assess the tourism potential and understand what further measures tourism needs as an industry in the remote territories of Taimyr”, the NDA reported.

The previous research trip to remote villages of the peninsula took place in June.

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Text: Mikhail Tuaev, Photo: NDA/Alexander Zheleznyak,

July 28, 2021

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