All shades of North: gold fund exhibition opened

All shades of North: gold fund exhibition opened

November 01, 2022

The Voice of the North includes Norilsk and Krasnoyarsk artists’ best works.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The exhibition from the Norilsk Museum fine arts collection is open at the art gallery at Talnahskaya 78 until November 13.

Voice of the North is painting, graphics and some sculptural and decorative works, mainly by Norilsk and Krasnoyarsk artists of the second half of the last century.

This is what is commonly called the golden fund of the museum’s joint collection, which has not been exhibited for a long time. For example, the works of the People’s Artist of Russia Nikolay Loy, presented by him to the city before leaving in 1979.

The Northern Lights, February Sun, Summer on Taimyr watercolors are more often found in reproductions than seen in the originals, and this, as you know, is a completely different story.

In addition to Loy’s landscapes, the exhibitors also took out the masters portraits. For example, a 1975 watercolor depicting the 36-year-old Nganasan genius Motyumyaku Turdagin. His work is also at the exhibition, however, only one: the At Sunset watercolor.

The regular visitors of the gallery miss the pastels of Emilia Goncharova, a Norilsk woman from 1974 to 1986. There are only four of them at the exhibition: the triptych The Month of the Longest Nigh” and Silent Night: Dudypta.

It is hard to imagine that the compositions measuring one and a half meters by a meter were created by a very fragile woman who came to the North from the south and traveled almost all of Taimyr.

The works of another artist from the south, Nina Kizilova, were made in the pastel technique, but in a more modest size. She organized her first solo exhibition in Norilsk 55 years ago, in 1977, and immediately attracted the attention of colleagues and art lovers.

Voice of the North by Nina Kizilova is an expressive portrait of the Nenets poetess Lyubov Nenyang in national dress, Northern Song – an image of a College of Arts northern department student playing the bargan, and the composition Sewing.

All the authors (and their landscapes, portraits) are united by a genuine love for the place where they ended up, as a rule, by accident. The same love at first sight, which eventually grew into a deep feeling and began to feed their creativity.

There are about 70 works on display in total. Among the Norilsk residents, besides Loy, Goncharova, Kizilova, there are paintings and drawings by Sergey Morozov, Alexey Savanin, Valery Kostarinov, Victor Lementa, Gennady Vasilkov, Boris Molchanov and others.

At the exhibition you can see the work of the people’s artist of Russia Anatoly Znak, honored artists of the RSFSR and the Russian Federation Toivo Ryannel and Valery Kudrinsky, Yury Deyev and others. There are also authors (there are not many of them) from the capital, without whose works, according to the expositionists, Voice… would not sound in full force. For example, people’s artist of Russia Vyacheslav Samarin with his 1964 composition Granya, Philip and Naho.

As conceived by the museum, the exhibition Voice of the North will create the atmosphere of the upcoming Night of the Arts, dedicated to the Year of the Russia Peoples Cultural Heritage.

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Text: Varvara Sosnovskaya, Photos: Olga Polyanskaya and Olesya Himich

November 01, 2022

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