3D scanners create Russian-made parts in Norilsk

3D scanners create Russian-made parts in Norilsk

June 21, 2023

Modern technologies are reliable assistants in production.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. At the Talnah concentrating plant (TCP), components printed on a 3D printer are successfully introduced into operation. The scanning specialists in the TCP workshop showed how this technological miracle works.

The 3D scanner operation principle is as follows: the device determines the distance to an object using laser beams, then converts the received information into a digital (three-dimensional) model and transfers it to a computer.

“Scanning is the first step, speeding up the measurement of the part that needs to be replaced. The plant currently has about 50 such parts. One of the important tasks of 3D printing is import substitution. By filling the production needs with domestic forces, we reduce the waiting time for new spare parts and develop our production capabilities”, says Sergey Kotenko, deputy head of the hydraulic structures and hydrotransport department of the TCP of the Nornickel Polar Devision.

It is important to remember that the scanner, despite its accuracy, does not cancel manual measurements. If there is a thread on the part, then the counterpart’s measurement is necessary, says Maxim Mishkov, the metrology department scanning engineer.

The production chain of a 3D part looks like this: a spare part that needs to be replaced is scanned, its digital model is received on a computer and, using special engineering programs, it is converted into an ultra-precise drawing. Then a new part is made using a 3D printer.

In addition to the drawing, the chemical composition analysis is also necessary. After all, it is important to understand what material to make the necessary spare part from, and if during operation the part created by a 3D printer shows insufficient strength, then the composition can be changed to improve quality.

“The future belongs to advanced technologies, technical progress is designed to improve people’s life quality in all areas”, says Ekaterina Isakova, technology development manager of the innovation department of the Nornickel Polar Division. – “The company, striving for continuous development and the latest technologies implementation, systematically masters additive manufacturing and promotes import substitution in its industry, building the future based on innovation. This not only contributes to the company development, but also strengthens its position as a leader in industrial products”.

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Text: Polina Bardik, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko

June 21, 2023

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