2021 at Polar Drama Theater to start with Male Striptease

2021 at Polar Drama Theater to start with Male Striptease

December 28, 2020

The first premiere of the upcoming 2021 at the Polar Drama Theater will be Timur Fairuzov’s Male Striptease production.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The show about metallurgists who were left without work is scheduled to be shown on the main stage of the theater on 23 January. The director promises a real show in the finale of the comedy.

Timur Fairuzov told about the idea of ​​the performance. The play was based on Boris Buzhor’s play Male striptease, but Norilsk motives were also added to the performance.

The opening event of the play is quite dramatic. But then the situation develops in an ironic manner. Having found themselves in a difficult situation, men who cannot find another job decide to organize their own show, male striptease, in order to solve their financial problems.

“We talk with the Norilsk workers, take interviews with them, from which we create monologues for each character, that is, we add local flavor to the production”, the director comments. “The situation in the life of the heroes of the play is quite acute. Metallurgist is a narrow specialty, not every area can be used to apply the skills. For a man, stability is important, he is a breadwinner by nature. Women are naturally more plastic, and men are more fragile. Losing a job is a very traumatic event. But if we talk about the tragedy in this case, it’s trite. And comedy is a tragedy brought to the point of absurdity. Through the prism of self-irony, we come to a real show. I hope that the Norilsk people will appreciate our work”.

Boris Buzhor’s play has gone around Russian theaters from Lipetsk to Kamchatka. The author himself experienced something similar: having lost his job, he created his own theater called Compromise, so the playwright understands how his heroes feel.

Timur Fairuzov is working on Male Striptease in collaboration with set designer Themistocles Atmadzas, costume designer Olga Atmadzas, choreographer Oksana Malysheva and lighting designer Taras Mikhalevsky.

Ten people are employed in the production. Male roles in the play will be performed by Alexander Nosyrev, Alexander Zhuikov, Roman Lesik, Evgeny Nesterov, Denis Chainikov, Alexander Gerasimchev, Stepan Mamoikin, Ivan Rozinkin and Nikolaiy Kaverin. Galina Savina will be the only lady on the stage.

Text: Marina Andriyuk, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko

December 28, 2020

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