Unique training complex opened for Nornickel high-rise workers

Unique training complex opened for Nornickel high-rise workers

July 24, 2023

The training area was developed on an individual project, taking into account the special requirements of the company.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. At the Nornickel Polar Division’s Talnah Specialized Mine and Repair Trust (TSSHRT) site, a training complex was opened to teach safe methods of working at height. Now the company is armed with one of the largest and most functional simulators in the country.

The training area has a certificate of conformity. During the year, four thousand company employees engaged in construction and installation works can be trained on the simulator: crane operators, high-altitude electricians, slingers and other specialists, from repair to technological personnel, who often have to perform non-standard and high-tech work at height.

“The company pays great attention to preserving the life and health of its employees, and the opening of this complex is proof of that”, emphasizes Nikolay Utkin, senior vice president, the Norilsk Nickel Polar Division head. – Teaching people to comply with the requirements of labor protection and industrial safety in conditions as close as possible to production is one of the most effective methods.

Therefore, the financial support for the safety equipment purchase is growing every year. For example, the price of this training complex, including installation, is 22 million rubles, plus additional costs fell on the repair of the premises where the simulator is installed. But the company is ready to invest any money in the safety of our employees, because the people’s safety is above all, everyone’s life is priceless”.

Nikolay Utkin also noted that a year and a half had passed from the moment of initiating the purchase of the simulator to putting it into operation.

The site imitates the most realistic working conditions. It is equipped with vertical and horizontal anchor lines, blocking devices, stationary anchor systems, a tripod, winches and airdrop mechanisms. There are safety harnesses, slings, carabiners, fastening loops for anchor lines, blocking devices of inertial type.

The simulator is also unique in that it was developed on an individual project, exclusively for Nornickel, taking into account the accidents associated with a fall from a height, as well as the special requirements of the company.

Earlier, the Norilsk power engineers got new training complexes as well as the Mechanical plant employees and Norilskgazprom firefighters: rescuers go through a training labyrinth in smoke and to the soundtrack of extraneous noise and victims’ screams.

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Text: Larisa Stetsevich, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko

July 24, 2023

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