Nornickel is in touch

Nornickel is in touch

April 01, 2024

The company has completed its annual direct line with vice presidents.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Nornickel has completed its annual direct line with the vice-presidents of the company – Nornickel is in Touch. Employees sent more than seven thousand questions on a variety of topics. One of the discussion’s key topics was the large-scale renovation of Norilsk.

The company’s vice president for investor relations and sustainable development Vladimir Zhukov called the comprehensive renovation of housing and infrastructure in the city of Norilsk a major social program. He also recalled that the company allocated more than 81 billion rubles for its implementation.

Started in 2021, when the Norilsk administration, the Krasnoyarsk region government, the Federal Ministry for the Far East and the Arctic Development and the Nornickel company signed an agreement on social and economic development, and the Russian government approved a comprehensive plan for the development of the city until 2035, the renovation acquired specific outlines in 2022.

To develop an architectural and planning concept for the renovation of Norilsk, an open international competition was announced, the winner of which was the Higher School of Economics. To analyze, plan and support programs and work schedules, a project office for the implementation of comprehensive measures for the Norilsk development was created within the structure of the Nornickel Polar Division. In addition, the project office carries out technical supervision and construction control, as well as coordination between all stakeholders and examination of design and estimate documentation received from contractors.

The Norilsk renovation program includes the residential buildings construction, the social facilities development, and the city’s infrastructure modernization. The financing volume for this plan is 120 billion rubles, with the lion’s share, 81.3 billion, coming from Nornickel.

These funds have already been used to carry out a major overhaul of the integrated center for social services. The opening of the modern multidisciplinary facility in the field of social services made it possible to significantly improve the social services quality, create a unified social space, and introduce new technologies of social services into practice.

More than 300 million rubles were allocated for the construction of a fire station in the Oganer residential area.

Also, within the quadripartite agreement, the construction of two kindergartens in Oganer and Kayerkan, a school for 1100 places with a gym in the Oganer district and a clinic in the Talnah district with a capacity of 1000 visits per shift are underway.

In addition to this, Nornickel has already allocated tens of billions of rubles in the format of co-financing the comprehensive development plan of Norilsk until 2035.

These funds were used to build a residential complex for visiting Nornickel specialists near the future Lake Dolgoye park.

Construction of residential buildings is also underway. All these facilities will be commissioned in 2024 and will provide housing for 299 families.

As part of additional funding, the building of the Polar State University is being reconstructed.

Perhaps the largest site within the renovation is a complex of facilities in Oganer.

The comprehensive development of the area provides that in 2025 three single-entrance nine-story residential buildings, a kindergarten for 270 children with a swimming pool will be built here. At the second stage – by 2029 – five three-entrance nine-story buildings will appear. Oganer will also get all the necessary infrastructure facilities for a full and comfortable life (banks, shops, cafes, etc.), landscaping of the area will be carried out.

Design and survey work has been completed for the construction of a multidisciplinary innovative educational complex named after V. I. Dolgih for children with 1100 places in the Central region.

In 2022, design work began for the construction of a new swimming pool in the Central district. It is planned to begin construction and installation work in the first quarter of 2024.

Also, at the company’s expense, a number of cultural objects will be reconstructed in the city, which should become places of attraction for Norilsk residents: the Arctic Museum of Contemporary Art, the public space Tower.

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Text: Victor Tsaryov, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko, Nornickel press service

April 01, 2024

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