Nadezhda employees’ ideas save 450 million rubles annually

Nadezhda employees’ ideas save 450 million rubles annually

July 08, 2021

28 proposals of employees of the Nadezhda metallurgical plant (NMP) bring the company 450 million rubles in savings annually.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. In just three years, Nadezhda employees have proposed nearly three thousand improvements within the Production Initiatives program.

“Four of them are being implemented right now. It is expected that one of them will immediately bring savings of 390 million rubles per year, and the costs of implementation will pay off in a year. A whole system was built at the plant, which made it possible to reduce the cost of purchasing steam from CHPP-3 and produce it ourselves”, the company said.

Sergey Kutin, deputy chief power engineer of Nadezhda for heat and water supply, spoke about his initiative.

For many years, the plant bought prepared steam for its needs from power engineers for a lot of money. At the same time, it gave it’s own steam, and spent many resources on processing it for CHP-3.

At Nadezhda they decided to keep their steam for themselves: to remove explosive impurities, corrosive gases, chemically demineralized water, to maintain equipment networks and to heat pumping stations. Nevertheless, the steam should be of certain parameters. To prepare it, the plant installed equipment that reduces the steam saturation.

“Our colleagues in power engineering from CHPP-3 generate steam of high parameters, after which it is reduced; we are given steam of 1.3 megapascals. Based on their experience, we also decided to install a reduction unit at the plant”, says Sergey Kutin. “It allows us to reduce the pressure of the by-product – our wet saturated steam – from 8.4 to 1.3 megapascals and use it in the factory. Thus, we save quite large sums for the purchase of energy by using our own steam”.

The project took about three years to complete. Since 2020, the installation has been continuously operating and has already significantly increased the energy efficiency of Nadezhda. Pumps and boilers are controlled with one click of the operator’s mouse in the smart control room.

Another initiative is working towards the same goal. It is implemented in the feed water treatment department. The essence of the idea is to use the surplus generated steam for pumps with a turbo drive in the summer. These are standby units in case of emergencies in case of power failures and failure of electrical units. Switching from them to turbo pumps from April to September will reduce energy costs.

Thanks to the new method, NMP plans to reduce electricity costs by seven thousand kilowatts per year – this is seven to eight million rubles.

The initiative of Nikolay Danilov, senior technologist of the smelting shop at NMP, will also save money. Since January this year, Nadezhda has been receiving metal-containing products from the Kola MMC, the so-called non-magnetic fraction, for processing. It is rich in both non-ferrous metals and carbon. Nikolay Danilov suggested using its useful properties to deplete slags instead of expensive imported material.

Another idea, which is now being implemented, will reduce operating costs by half a million rubles. Stanislav Datsko, chief specialist of the production efficiency enhancement department, suggested using the paint stocks that were not useful at the plant to paint chips on frozen matte ingots.

The idea came to mind after analyzing unclaimed materials in the warehouses of the Nornickel Polar Division.

Each of the four innovators has more than one initiative behind them. Some have more than three dozen proposals. All of them appreciate the importance of the Manufacturing Initiatives program.

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Text: Oksana Serova, Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko, Marina Peshkova

July 08, 2021

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