Arctic miracle: flowers from the Red Book

Arctic miracle: flowers from the Red Book

June 22, 2020

The flowers surprise and delight not only ordinary citizens, but also scientists.

The scientists hasten to recall that it is forbidden to tear off this beauty from the lawns: zharok (Trollius asiaticus) is listed in the book of rare and endangered species of Siberia. And in some regions, for example in Buryatia and Yakutia, even in the Red Book of Russia.

Let us look through the Red Book and find out what other plants of Taimyr are protected by scientists and the country’s law.

1. Ostrolodochnik Putoransky (Oxytropis putoranica) is a perennial stemless plant from the legume family. Bright purple corollas and small leaves strewn with white fluff – it is not easy to find this beauty, but it is very difficult to confuse it with another flower. The plant loves coastal zones, most often chooses a lakeside territory.

2. Arctic Castille (Castilleja arctica) is a perennial plant with numerous ascending stems, each of which is decorated with a bright raspberry color flower. The peculiarity of this plant is that it is spread by seeds, but their setting and ripening is very rare. You can see the Arctic miracle only in Russia and only in the north of the country.

3. Short-legged Enkalipta (Encalypta brevipes Schljakov) is also a rare plant. Moss with short erect shoots less than a centimeter high. This Red Book representative chooses coastal cliffs and rocky slopes for living.

4. Lichenomphalya Hudson – a rare lichen with a fruiting body in the form of a mushroom. The hat is of a pale cream color no more than two centimeters in diameter. Although it is extremely rare, it grows not only in Russia, but also in Europe, Asia, North America and Greenland.

These are the “inhabitants” of the Red Book of Russia. A similar publication protecting our nature exists in the Krasnoyarsk region. It presents more than a dozen plants that require careful attention and close attention. Especially in Taimyr, where the heat goes away quickly and so varied, but touching and defenseless green life is replaced by a harsh winter. Let us protect our Taimyr summer.

Text: Tatyana Ermolaeva, Photo: Olga Polyanskaya and open sources

June 22, 2020

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