Venison steak from Norilsk residents

Venison steak from Norilsk residents

July 10, 2020

The cuisine of the northern peoples does not lose popularity in the world gastronomy.

Northern nature itself provided man with everything necessary for survival in difficult climatic latitudes. Plants and animal products contain precisely those trace elements that support the body and give strength.

For example, the concentration of vitamins in lingonberries increases as you approach the Arctic Ocean. The poorer vegetation, the greater the nutritional benefits. Therefore, the dishes of the northern peoples are balanced, nutritious and high-calorie enough to saturate the inhabitants of the harsh territory with energy.

In urban conditions, these qualities are no less important, and the dishes of northern cuisine can often be found on the Norilsk residents’ menu. The ancient traditions that have been established for centuries, are relevant today.

Brothers Alexander and Sergey Makovetsky have been living in Norilsk almost all their lives. Sergey works for the local transport company. Alexander is a senior manager of the Nornickel Polar Division department for improving the activities. They do not consider themselves professional cookers, but they know firsthand about tasty and wholesome food.

Venison, olive oil, salt, black pepper, cloudberry jam, frozen lingonberries, thyme and mint for serving
Bring the berries to a boil, salt, pepper to taste. Add cloudberry jam and evaporate a little
Fry the steak for 1.5 minutes on each side

“We have been following our family culinary traditions since childhood,” said Sergey. “Mom and dad cook wonderful. Since graduating from high school and entering university, I began to cook myself. Sometimes I take ready-made recipes as a basis, sometimes I improvise. On Sundays, we have family dinners. We gather at table and share news. To be honest, my mother prepares for such meetings most often. Her dishes, of course, are the tastiest”.

Specially for the This is Taimyr, Sergey and Alexander arranged an extra-curricular meeting and prepared a dish combining several northern ingredients at once. Meet: venison steak with northern berry sauce.

“For this dish we need venison (hip or ham), olive oil, salt, black pepper, cloudberry jam (3–4 tablespoons), frozen lingonberries (1/2 cup), thyme and mint for serving”, Sergey listed. “Defrosting venison in a natural way. Rinse, dry and grease with olive oil.

Next, in a hot frying pan, fry the steak for 1.5 minutes on each side (2–2.5 minutes for greater frying). Repeat the operation. After that, remove the fried meat from the cooker and let it rest. Salt, pepper.

To prepare the sauce for the venison, wash the lingonberries and pour water into it. It should cover the berries one centimeter. Bring to a boil, salt, pepper to taste. Add cloudberry jam and evaporate a little.

Serve. Pour the steak with the sauce. Enjoy your meal!”

July 10, 2020

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