Norilsk tundra juniper used in cooking

Norilsk tundra juniper used in cooking

June 13, 2020

In summer the Taimyr tundra is full of juniper aroma. The delights and benefits of this shrub are appreciated by the chefs and connoisseurs of the northern land.

The indigenous people of Taimyr and other northern regions of Russia, where juniper grows, call it a magical plant.

People who live in close connection with nature consider the valuable properties of juniper inexhaustible. All the constituent parts of the shrub are beneficial, therefore, its use is extensive.

So, a pillow, tightly stuffed with juniper shavings, is used against insomnia. Phytoncides, penetrating through the fabric, help with headaches and hypertension, as a sedative and for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections. Juniper berries are widely used in cosmetology.

It is believed that the fruits of juniper are not exactly berries, but rather cones, but with soft scales. They ripen by the end of summer, depending on latitude.

Grease the lower part with mayonnaise, sprinkle with parmesan and pour over the cranberry sauce
Divide the roll into two parts
Spread the beef patty, bacon, the cheddar and the upper part of the roll

The cones-berries are bitter and taste like turpentine oil. But they are valued not for taste, but for aroma. Therefore, the fruits of juniper are widely used in cooking. Infusions, sauces, liquors, impregnation for desserts, marinades acquire unique flavoring notes thanks to juniper.
Elnura Faradzhova, production head in a fast-food cafe chain, shared one of the recipes. Her company always participates in the North city’s gastronomy festival, which is loved by Norilsk citizens. It presents dishes made of northern products there. One of them was particularly successful. Meet: Grand burger with lingonberry sauce.

“For this dish we need a roll 82 millimeters in diameter without sesame. We call it Reg Grand”, Elnura said. “In addition, you need to prepare parmesan crumbs, a slice of cheddar cheese, mayonnaise sauce, beef cutlet and bacon. For lingonberry sauce you we need lingonberry berries, starch, balsamic vinegar, juniper berries and a mixture of five peppers.

The ingredients listed for the sauce are mixed and cooked to a thick consistency. It will result in a taste-specific sauce with bitterness and sourness, which goes well with meat.

Next, divide the roll into two parts. Grease the lower part with mayonnaise, sprinkle with parmesan and pour over the cranberry sauce. Next, spread the beef patty and bacon. The cheddar and the upper part of the roll complete the design. The cheese will melt under the hot cutlet and reveal the flavor of the sauce”.

You can buy such a burger or try to cook it at home yourself. One thing will remain unchanged: the taste and benefits of the North will make it extraordinary and turn an ordinary snack into a real meal.

June 13, 2020

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