Norilsk residents got acquainted with city’s gastronomic history

Norilsk residents got acquainted with city’s gastronomic history

October 30, 2020

The participants of the excursion learned the secrets of cooking sagudai and stroganina.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The excursion was organized by the Taimyr Explorers Club, the Taimyr Stories and Norilsk-Tour tour operators. In three hours, twelve citizens were able to visit several locations and get acquainted with the gastronomic history of the city.

So, Norilsk residents saw the former greenhouse farms, cowsheds, learned how the dairy and breweries were born. PR director of the Taimyr Explorers Club Larisa Stryuchkova, who acted as a guide, noted that the harsh conditions of the North did not prevent the locals from being engaged in agriculture.

“Previously, local residents did not have the opportunity to go to the store as they have now. Therefore, they had to freeze vegetables outside the window and master agriculture. In Soviet times, Norilsk had a sufficient number of greenhouses, and the local residents solved the problem with the polar night by developing xenon lamps that gave an analogue of sunlight”, Stryuchkova shared.

Fish is considered an integral part of the northern peoples’ cuisine. That is why the Norilsk fish factory became another location for the trip.

“Venison and fish are the staple foods of the indigenous minorities. Drying was the main way to prepare venison and fish in summer. Many dishes can be made from dried foods. For example, dry caviar was ground, mixed with dry fish and diluted with broth or reindeer milk, thereby obtaining a hearty, nutritious dish”, said Larisa Stryuchkova.

The participants of the excursion were able not only to learn about the Taimyr peoples’ cuisine history, but also to watch a master class from a chef on the preparation of famous northern dishes – stroganina and sagudai.

“We thought for a long time what kind of excursion can be organized for our citizens in winter. We came to the conclusion that we should try the interactive view. That is, not just tell and show the buildings of factories and former greenhouses, but end it with a master class where people can taste the very dishes of the northern peoples. By the way, it is the last part that determines the price of the tour – 2700 rubles”, the organizers noted.

They also promised to continue the gastronomic excursions. The tour operators will inform about the time and dates in advance on their pages in social networks.

Let us remind you that the This Is Taimyr told about the Norilsk state farm, which in the 1940s gave the city 1500 liters of milk and 3000 kilograms of meat.

Text: Ekaterina Elkanova, Photo: Ekaterina Elkanova

October 30, 2020

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