Benin: Anicet Gabriel Kochofa

Benin: Anicet Gabriel Kochofa

April 14, 2022

Associate professor of the Theoretical Foundations of Oil and Gas Field Development department, Faculty of Geology, Moscow State University, founder of the Association of Foreign Students in Russia Anicet Gabriel Kochofa visited Taimyr in the spring of 2022.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR.Anicet Gabriel Kochofa taught Taimyr college students for a week as part of the Arctic Challenge grant project supported by the Our Norilsk endowment fund.

Summing up his stay in Taimyr, Anicet Gabriel Kochofa noted that he was impressed by the northern hospitality and the desire of college students for new knowledge:

“For a week, I’ve tried to give the students a foundation: I told what mining is, what place Russia occupies in the world in the oil and gas industry, what difficulties and challenges exist in this area, and much more. In Taimyr, I met excellent, professional college teachers, I saw the desire for knowledge among young people. At the lectures, the students listened attentively to me, asked questions, and in the end they did not want to let me leave, they even asked me to continue teaching them remotely. The hospitality also touched me: everyone who met me at the Taimyr college greeted me, opened the doors, and talked about life on the peninsula. Amazing people live here”.

According to the associate professor of Moscow State University, it is necessary to attract foreign students to educational institutions in Russia, including the Taimyr college:

“350 000 foreign students from 165 countries study in Russia, and this number needs to be increased. We should attract foreign students to Norilsk and Dudinka so that there is a cultural exchange, and subsequently the development of our production. At this stage, I suggested thinking about organizing teleconferences between students of the Taimyr college and, for example, the African college. In this way, young people will better understand each other, share the nuances of their educational processes and learn from each other. In addition, I dream that in two years teachers from different countries and regions of Russia will live in Dudinka. Isn’t this the promotion of the North? Such steps will help to tell a large circle of people about life in Taimyr”.

Anicet Gabriel Kochofa also stressed the importance of the Arctic Challenge project:

“By supporting such projects as the Arctic Challenge, the Our Norilsk Foundation is making an invaluable contribution to improving the skills of young professionals who will further develop Norilsk Nickel and, accordingly, Russia. I believe that the North is the future of Russia and I am sure that it will prosper.”

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Text: Ekaterina Elkanova, Photo: Ekaterina Elkanova, Artem Smirnov and the Nash Norilsk endowment fund

April 14, 2022

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