Year of memorable dates in Taimyr

Year of memorable dates in Taimyr

September 24, 2020

The bibliographers of the Dudinka central library have published the Calendar of memorable dates. Taimyr-2021 yearbook.

The local history calendar contains the most significant events from the history of Taimyr and the Norilsk industrial region, their economic, scientific and cultural life.

Among the dates not to be missed are the anniversaries of settlements:

405 years since the founding of the village of Karaul;

395 years of the Khatanga village founding;

140 years of the village of Potapovo founding;

105 years of the Ust-Port settlement;

The villages of Novorybnaya, Popigay and Syndassko will celebrate 90 years;

85 years of the Katyryk village founding;

70 years since Dudinka was awarded the status of a city;

Enterprises and institutions:

85 years of the Norilsk railway;

80 years of the Norilsk Drama Theater named after V. Mayakovsky;

55 years of the Talnah children’s art school;

The Dudinsky Chamber Theater will celebrate 50 years.

In addition, next year several memorable dates are associated with the names of pioneers, people who made the history of the discovery and development of the Taimyr peninsula.

160th anniversary of the birth of the Norwegian polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen;

140th anniversary of the birth of Soviet polar explorer Rudolf Samoilovich;

135 years since meteorologist, explorer of the Eastern Arctic Vladimir Vize’s birth;

130 years since mathematician, geographer, explorer of the North Otto Schmidt’s birth;

130th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Sotnikov, one of the discoverers of the Norilsk deposits;

120th anniversary of the birth of the Arctic explorer Georgy Ushakov.

In 2021, Taimyr will also celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Nenets poetess Lyubov Nenyang’s birth, the 85th anniversary of the Dolgan poet Ogdo Aksyonova’s birth.

As noted in the Dudinka library, the local history calendar will be useful to the heads of institutions, teachers, local historians and everyone who is interested in the history of Taimyr.

Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Valeria Bolgova’s archive

September 24, 2020

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