Wounded polar bear being saved in Taimyr

Wounded polar bear being saved in Taimyr

September 06, 2022

Now the Moscow Zoo doctors are fighting for the Red Book animal’s life.

ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The circumstances under which the animal got wounded are being investigated by law enforcement and supervisory authorities. According to preliminary data, the bear showed up in the village of Dikson on the Taimyr peninsula two weeks ago. The owners of the Arctic are not rare guests there. Young animals are led to people by hunger and the inability to adapt to an independent life after parental care. On September 3, a wounded animal was found in the village.

With the Nornickel company’s active participation, a rescue operation was organized in Dikson in the shortest possible time. Thanks to prompt actions, veterinarians from the Moscow Zoo, as well as representatives of the hunting supervision and environmental prosecutor’s office of the Krasnoyarsk region, were brought from Moscow to the village.

The Moscow Zoo doctors administered sleeping pills to the animal in order to examine it on the spot. Examination showed that was a young female aged from one and a half to two years, weighing 50-60 kg. The wound in the area of ​​the scapula greatly weakened her.

“On examination, they saw a wound. It is still difficult to say what kind of wound it is – stab, cut, and what happened to the she-bear. Maybe some kind of bruise, maybe she ran into a rod. This could provoke a spinal injury, muscle pain shock. It’s hard to define, everything will be shown by the examination”, said Andrey Solodkov, director of the Moscow Zoo branch in Veliky Ustyug.

After providing first aid, it was decided to transport the bear to Norilsk for further examination and the wound debriding.

Nornickel organized the delivery and temporary placement of the clubfoot in the enclosure on the site of the former Valyok dispensary, next to the brown bear Dasha, who has been living there for a long time.

“After anesthesia, the bear began to slowly recover. She began to move her head and front paws. We will see what happens next, now the forecast is still serious and critical. On Dixon, she would have died without help”, Andrey Solodkov said upon arrival in Norilsk.

“If everything goes well, Rosprirodnadzor will define the bear’s further fate. If the animal can return to nature, it would be wonderful. But if it cannot exist on its own in nature, it will be transferred to the zoo. The polar bear is a valuable animal species listed in the Red Book of Russia. Their population is declining. And since this is a female, it is doubly valuable in nature, because it will reproduce offspring for the further bear population increasing in wildlife”, the doctors added.

Nornickel specialists made a cage for the animal transportation. On September 6, the she-bear will be transported to the Moscow Zoo for treatment.

Recall that over the past two months this is the second operation to rescue a polar bear in Taimyr. In July, another young bear was helped in the village of Dikson. Her tongue got stuck in a tin can, and she went out to people for help. The Nornickel company also took an active part in the operation, and everything ended well for the clubfoot.

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Text: Denis Kozhevnikov, Photo: Denis Kozhevnikov

September 06, 2022

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