Two polar stations to be restored

Two polar stations to be restored

April 08, 2021

Construction on Uedineniya island and in the Pronchishcheva bay may begin in 2022.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Joint Directorate of Taimyr Nature Reserves specialists will prepare projects for the restoration of polar stations on Uedineniya island and in the Maria Pronchishcheva bay this year. The stations were closed in the nineties of the last century.

“In 2021, two projects will be prepared for the renewal of polar stations there. Construction may start in 2022”, says head of the environmental organization Konstantin Prosekin.

According to him, the stations will be multifaceted objects, there it will be possible to deal with issues of nature protection, monitoring and research work. That, according to Konstantin Prosekin, will contribute to the development of cruise tourism in the Arctic.

At the end of August 2020, the team of the Norilsk Development Agency, accompanied by experts from science, including from the United Directorate of Taimyr Nature Reserves, and museum affairs, set out to explore the future tourist routes of the Arctic zone. The route ran to the Pronchishcheva bay, which, like other areas of the Khatanga bay, can become places for organized recreation for travelers.

The obtained data became the basis for further research in the field of ecological tourism and scientific activity. Experts regarded this trip as a big step in the development of the territories of the Arctic tourist and recreational cluster.

The United Directorate commented on the results of the expedition as follows:

“Now it is extremely important to resume the work of the reserve cordons in Pronchishcheva bay and in the vicinity of lake Taimyr. With regret I understand that today only legal protection operates and even it is not fully effective”, said Konstantin Prosekin. “For the sake of preserving the natural heritage, we will make every effort to return to these territories”.

We also reported that the participants in the research trip decided to initiate a question to the Russian Geographical Society about renaming the bay of Maria Pronchishcheva into the bay of Tatyana Pronchishcheva (the real name of the wife of the polar explorer Vasily Pronchishchev – a toponymic error occurred several centuries ago when decoding maps).

We add that the polar weather station on Uedineniya island is known for being attacked by a fascist submarine in September 1942 and destroyed.

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Text: Larisa Fedishina, Photo: Taimyr Reserves directorate

April 08, 2021

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