Taimyr lakes are home to healthiest fish

Taimyr lakes are home to healthiest fish

May 20, 2020

The Taimyr Nature Reserves joint directorate has opened a series of publications on the water resources of the peninsula.

The ichthyologist’s stories section is led by Nikolay Moshkin, a young scientist and senior researcher at the organization.

The Taimyr Peninsula is the northernmost mainland of the Eurasian continent and the largest peninsula of Russia. Its area is almost 400 thousand square kilometers (for comparison: the area of ​​Germany is about 360 thousand square kilometers). Taimyr has a diverse water system, it is not coincidence that it is called the land of a thousand lakes.

“The Yenisey, one of the most full-flowing rivers of Siberia, laid its course along the Taimyr border. The largest rivers of Taimyr are Pyasina, Khatanga, Upper and Lower Taimyr”, writes Nikolay Moshkin. “A large number of water bodies are concentrated around Norilsk, they belong to the Norilo-Pyasinsky water system”.

All Taimyr lakes are cold and are characterized by high transparency of water

The scientist clarifies that the Putorana plateau is not the territory of Taimyr geographically, but administratively – is a part of it. Norilsk is situated at the southwestern spurs of the plateau. There are some of the most picturesque lakes in the mountainous areas of Putorana: Keta, Sobachye, Glubokoe, Lama with depths of up to 200 meters and more. All lakes are interconnected by a system of small mountain rivers.

The runoff of the Norilsk lake-river system occurs through a short (57 kilometers), but full-flowing the Norilskaya river, which the locals call Norilka. This year, an early ice drift is expected on it. Norilka is formed by the confluence of the Rybnaya and Talaya rivers and flows into the southern part of the Lake Pyasino.

All Taimyr lakes are cold and are characterized by high transparency of water. They are rich in valuable commercial fish. Salmon are found here, mainly whitefish family. There are also burbot, grayling, peled, smelt.

All northern fish is highly regarded for its excellent taste. Fish always becomes a separate topic at the annual gastronomic festival North. Chefs at local restaurants prepare many fish dishes. Scientists found a record content of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the Boganid char, which lives in the lakes of the Khatanga River basin and the lakes of the Norilo-Pyasinsky system, and recognized this fish as the healthiest in the world.

Text: Olga Polyanskaya, Photo: zapovedsever.ru

May 20, 2020

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