Taimyr village Nosok school celebrated 75th anniversary

Taimyr village Nosok school celebrated 75th anniversary

April 04, 2022

The institution received a certificate for one million rubles from the Nornickel company.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The secondary school of the Taimyr village Nosok celebrated its 75th anniversary. Nornickel received the invitation to celebrate the anniversary.

“Having covered 240 kilometers on snowmobiles, we reached Nosok”, said Anfisa Nikiforova, the Nornickel’s Polar Division Indigenous Minorities of the North Department head of. “This is not only an anniversary for teachers and students, it is a holiday for all residents of the village, because the school in the village is the center of attention, especially in such a large reindeer breeding farm, where more than two thousand residents live”.

School teachers, children and their parents prepared a festive program, the concert lasted more than two and a half hours.

“On behalf of Nornickel, on behalf of Nikolay Utkin, senior vice president of the company, head of the Norilsk division, I presented a certificate for one million rubles for the school. It was a pleasant surprise for the team. Every year, teachers hold events with children, they are regular participants and winners of grant programs announced by the company, in particular, the World of New Opportunities. This year, on April 16, they are holding a children’s Reindeer Breeder’s Day at the ethnic site, which was also built with grant funds from the World of New Opportunities”, Anfisa Nikiforova added.

Also on its anniversary, the school presented an exhibition of arts and crafts, where there were products made by the students of the school. There was also an exhibition of paintings, which were also drawn by children.

“The Nosok school will introduce a second Internet channel, acquire additional satellite equipment with a complete set at the expense of Nornickel. There will also be a class for online olympiads and seminars”, added Anfisa Nikiforova.

Now more than 450 children study at the Nosok village school. More than 250 children live in the boarding school, mostly children whose reindeer herding families lead a nomadic life in the Nosok tundra.

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Text: Ekaterina Maksimova, Photo: press service of the Taimyr administration and participants of the anniversary

April 04, 2022

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