Taimyr children invented sizeless trainers

Taimyr children invented sizeless trainers

May 30, 2023

The engineering marathon final was held on the Fablab laboratory basis.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Eleven young inventors from Norilsk and Dudinka presented unique projects at the Fablab laboratory in the finals of the IMAKE engineering marathon for schoolchildren.

The guys came up with trainers with the possibility of increasing them by several sizes, a scarf with a valve for draining condensate, a device for removing snow by pressing snow blocks, a device for recycling plastic caps, and much more.

Since 2019, Nornickel has been holding the IMAKE engineering marathon, which is a large-scale project of Nornickel’s World of New Opportunities charity program. It combined the best traditions of the ArcticPRO scientific and technical marathon, the IMAKE competition for young inventors and scientific discoveries festival the Arctic Wave.

Every year residents of Norilsk, Taimyr, Monchegorsk, the Pechenga region, Chita and the Transbaikal region become IMAKE participants. Children aged 10 to 17 create inventions that benefit people.

“The IMAKE festival incorporated the concept of an engineering marathon and an inventive project competition. It goes through several stages. The best of the best made it to the final, and they will present their inventions to the jury. There are many talented children in our city, and Nornickel organizes a rich and interesting program for them so that schoolchildren learn about engineering in full and are inspired to create their own unique inventions. As a result of the marathon, Nornickel may take the winner’s invention for further development”, said Galina Yershova, chief specialist of the Charitable Activities and Development of Corporate Communities department of the Nornickel Polar Division.

IMAKE kicks off in September with a competitive quiz where children go through a qualifying round by answering questions online. As a rule, out of 400-450 people, 60 pass to the second round. They attend two-day intensives. 20 of the most active and quick-witted are invited to a winter camp in January. This year the students visited Skolkovo.

The schoolchildren defended their projects before the jury confidently and competently. After the presentation, experts asked questions and gave advice on how the developments could be improved.

Anastasia Arlyukova, a student of school №6, came up with a vibration cushion for the deaf. The pillow connects to any gadget, you switch on a song and it starts to vibrate to the music beat.

“Children who do not hear study with me at school, and I thought that they, like everyone else, would like to listen to music and dance. But in order for them to feel the rhythm, you need to turn the music on at full power. And I had the idea to create a silent pillow with vibration. I hope to win and that my invention will be appreciated!”

After the presentation, all schoolchildren were awarded diplomas and prizes.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: editorial archive

May 30, 2023

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