«Smart, obedient, understanding bear!»

«Smart, obedient, understanding bear!»

December 08, 2022

Dixon practices diligently and sits down.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Rehabilitation of the polar bear Dixon, rescued in Taimyr and transported to the Moscow Zoo, continues. He sits down on his own, director of the Moscow Zoo Svetlana Akulova reports on her Telegram channel.

A few days ago, a broken tusk was removed from the bear’s mouth. The damaged tooth had been hurting him for a long time, but the operation was postponed until Dixon got stronger. Once his condition stabilized, the canine tooth was successfully removed. The operation lasted 2.5 hours, and it took several more days to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and pain medications. At this time, the bear was resting in his shelter, where the temperature was maintained above zero with the help of an air conditioner, and he ate beef broth with small pieces of meat. Now he eats the usual food, with pleasure killing everything that zoologists offer. Missing a tooth doesn’t bother him.

“The canine itself does not carry a functional load, its absence does not in any way affect the process of chewing food: Dixon does not need to hunt, and food can be cut if necessary”, Svetlana Akulova noted.

Along the way, during anesthesia, it was possible to examine and treat the bear’s wounds. What the doctors saw delighted them.

“Today, significant improvements are already visible – under the influence of regenerating agents, granulation with a new hairline has formed”, Svetlana Akulova wrote.

Recovering, the bear eats with appetite and has already gained weight of 160 kilograms. In addition, zoologists regularly conduct classes with him to restore the hind limbs.

“Dixon is engaged in everyday trainings. A smart, obedient, understanding bear – how well he does everything! But still, we should not forget what a great work of zoologists is behind this”, reminds the zoo director.

And the last good news: Dixon sits confidently and keeps his balance well.

“If earlier the bear was mostly in a semi-lying position, today he regularly sits down. The bear is able to get sitting position in the process of training. Zoologists direct him with the help of a target so that Dixon transfers his weight and gradually places his hind limbs directly in front of him. At the same time, he manages to maintain balance, not only leaning on his front paws, but also using the muscles of the hips and back”, says Svetlana Akulova.

Earlier, we told about how the polar bear with numerous injuries was found in the village of Dikson and transported to Moscow for treatment. Initially, doctors doubted that it would be possible to restore Dikson’s motor activity, but over time, hope appeared.

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Text: Victor Borodin, Video: Telegram channel of zoo director Svetlana Akulova

December 08, 2022

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