Short Indian summer rules on Taimyr

Short Indian summer rules on Taimyr

September 21, 2020

The Arctic autumn is short but generous with bright colors.

At the end of August, the Taimyr tundra puts on a festive autumn outfit. Striking and at the same time sad beauty tunes us to a lyrical mood.

It’s good to see off autumn when it leaves without heavy rains and strong winds. When dry tundra makes it possible to get a rest in a convenient place, on any bump. In such a clear autumn one wants to wander through the Arctic expanses and celebrate the last steps of the outgoing heat every day.

Although the autumn season is short, its gifts are generous. The farewell feast of nature beckons with the coloring of ripe berries, and it amazes with the abundance of mushrooms in good years.

During this period, the education of a new tribe of animals and birds comes to an end. Of all the natural zones of our country, perhaps only the tundra provides a haven for such a great animal kingdom. Broods of partridges are freely flitting from site to site. Fledgling upland buzzards and peregrine falcons leaving the nests. Young arctic foxes wandering in search of food.

The golden days are getting shorter, the earth is getting cooler. The sun is low, slightly warming. And now the tundra is filled with the farewell cries of geese. They always cause an aching longing.

Winged travelers set off across the seas and oceans to warm foreign countries. Well, see you in spring! White partridges, hares, ermines will stay with us. Before snow falls, they will put on their warm winter coats. On the eve of the cold winter, other animals also accumulate subcutaneous fat: agile pikas, fat bears, housewifely squirrels.

Participants of various campaigns and expeditions are returning to a more measured life. They will keep their impressions until the next high season.

The fertile time will end. Abundant snow will cover the ground. And again we will wait for the time when the wasteful sun will gain unlimited power over the Arctic expanses and the tundra will sparkle with bright colors.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the short Indian summer. But forecasters predict that a cold snap and rain will begin very soon. Do not miss the opportunity to admire the disappearing autumn views – in the beautiful tundra and in our photo gallery.

Text: Olga Alexandrova, Photo: Olga Alexandrova and open sources

September 21, 2020

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