SFU scientists examined Norilsk-Alykel highway

SFU scientists examined Norilsk-Alykel highway

September 07, 2020

Modern technologies will help protect the road from snow drifts.

The Wind Road project involves the creation of a wind structures system to be placed on the Norilsk-Alykel highway. Employees of five institutes of the Siberian Federal University (ecology and geography, engineering and construction, oil and gas, mining, geology and geotechnology, physics and radio electronics) will work on the task. It will take a year and a half to carry out the necessary research and prepare technological solutions.

Yesterday the scientists from the Siberian Federal University examined the Norilsk-Alykel highway, especially the problematic sections of the route, assessed their length and features. Preliminarily, five problematic sections of the road were identified with a total length of more than five kilometers, the length of the largest section was three kilometers.

The Norilsk Development Agency discussed the obtained results with the participation of specialists from the Norilskavtodor enterprise and the Department of Highways and Snow Fighting of the Central Autotransport Organization.

“Today we examined the problem areas. Five have been identified that need special attention”, noted Yury Zaharinsky, head of work on the Wind Road project, head of the Siberian Federal University’s Department of Comprehensive Arctic Studies, PhD. “As for the designed engineering structures, including shields, they will be made of modern materials based on computer modeling”.

The first shields in Norilsk were installed in the 40s of the last century. But over the years, technological conditions, wind speed, and its direction have changed.

“Today we have better technical capabilities, modern technologies, world experience. We need to use it to improve life in Norilsk”, noted Yury Zaharinsky.

The scientists have to carry out a large amount of research and development work. It is necessary to examine not only the road, but also the areas of the terrain adjacent to it. To establish the features of the relief, the prevailing direction and strength of the wind, snow loads throughout the winter period. The most promising snow guiding structures will be selected: either shields or complex technical structures – the places of their installation will be determined. A technical design assignment will also be developed.

“We have a mutual interest in this project”, said Elena Nedbailo, deputy head of the city for the Kayerkan district. “Scientists will be able to realize their scientific ideas, and we will be able to solve the pressing issue of a closed road, which we have all faced more than once. I am sure that our partners will fulfill their task, because they already have the necessary groundwork and an understanding in which direction to move”.

During the project implementation period, additional necessary studies will be carried out.

“The result of the work will be the determination of the most effective structures and their installation locations. Recommendations for reducing snow drifts on the Norilsk-Alykel highway will be developed. Siberian Federal University is ready to carry out the design work with its subsequent scientific support”, Yury Zaharinsky summed up.

Text: Ekaterina Maximova, Photo: Evgeny Zhukov

September 07, 2020

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