Scientists study relationship between Arctic and Antarctic

Scientists study relationship between Arctic and Antarctic

November 30, 2020

The ice sheets of the poles affect each other over a long distance.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERRIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Scientists have followed the history of the interaction of glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic, which is about 40 thousand years old.

A team of researchers from Canada’s McGill University found that the ice caps at both poles grow and contract in a coordinated manner. The experts analyzed sedimentary rock samples, ice cores, historical records and other data and created a computer model that demonstrates changes in ice. Scientific work published in the journal Nature.

Scientists are afraid that Arctic ice can melt completely

When the planet got colder, the amount of ice at the North Pole increased, because of this, the level of the World Ocean dropped, and an ice cap grew at the South Pole. This relationship also works the other way: when the Arctic ice melts, the amount of water becomes larger, and the Antarctic ice decreases.

“Ice sheets can influence each other over a great distance due to the flow of water between them. It is as if they are talking through changes in sea level”, explained one of the study’s authors, Natalia Gomez.

As This Is Taimyr previously reported, next year Arctic will be monitored from a Russian satellite, the device will help monitor the environment.

This year, permafrost in the Arctic was melting 30 percent faster, scientists are afraid of the complete melting of the Arctic ice. Because of climate change, methane deposits have begun to thaw off the coast of Siberia, which could accelerate global warming.

Text: Ekaterina Maximova, Photo: open sources

November 30, 2020

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