Reindeer breeders compete in Taimyr

Reindeer breeders compete in Taimyr

December 08, 2021

The reindeer-breeder-machine operator competition within World Skills Russia championship takes place in Taimyr. Students of Taimyr, Yamal and Evenkia participate.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Competitions of the IX Regional Championship of the Krasnoyarsk region Young Professionals (World Skills Russia) – 2021 are being held in Dudinka.

The reindeer-breeder-machine operator specialty has been taught at the Taimyr college for several years, and there is no shortage of people willing to study. According to the tundra dwellers themselves, while possessing the traditional skills of reindeer husbandry, they lack knowledge in the field of modern economics and business.

One of the stages of the reindeer breeders’ competition took place at the educational and production base of the Taimyr college in the tundra. Not far from the base, Pavel Yadne wanders with his herd, in the camp of which students from Dudinka undergo practice.

Participants in the Young Professionals competition have to complete several modules, which include making harness equipment, harnessing reindeer, medical and diagnostic measures, providing first aid to a victim in the tundra, troubleshooting a generator, driving a snowmobile, demonstrating strength and endurance, preparing meals from northern fish, as well as the creation of an electronic camp.

The competition is designed for several days. This time, in Pavel Yadne’s camp, in the presence of experts from among the college teachers, specialists from the district agricultural department and veterinarians, the students had to catch a deer from the herd with a maut. Not one, but two, in order to properly harness them in the sledges and make a test circle around the camp in the harness.

Reindeer should have been caught only those who would get into the harness and allow themselves to calmly manage themselves in the harness.

The choice of a suitable animal in the herd was also a kind of test for the students, since the ‘candidate’ for the harness had to be determined by eye among the total mass of deer.

After catching, the contestants were required to harness the deer correctly, telling the experts about the biological characteristics of the specimen and the veterinary details.

The next stage of the competition in the tundra will be driving a snowmobile, maintaining a generator, medical and veterinary training, and cooking dishes from northern fish species.

The weaving of the maut and the creation of an electronic camp will be carried out in the college stationary conditions in Dudinka.

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Text: Denis Kozhevnikov, Photo: author

December 08, 2021

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