Permafrost brought together leading Russian scientists in Norilsk

Permafrost brought together leading Russian scientists in Norilsk

April 06, 2022

Science demonstrates willingness to cooperate.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The second scientific and technical conference Experience and Prospects for the Construction of Buildings and Structures on Permafrost Soils at the Polar State University after N.M. Fedorovsky united university science and production.

The forum was opened by the report of Zhanna Petuhova, the Research Center for Construction Technologies and Monitoring of Buildings and Structures head, doctor of economics, professor of the Polar State University.

The PSU head Dmitry Dubrov expressed hope that the conference would become regular and would contribute to the training of permafrost specialists on the territory and to the second wave of construction in Norilsk, which is impossible without scientific support.

Zhanna Petuhova shared the interim results of the activities of the research center she manages, thanking Nornickel, which provided the center’s permafrost laboratory with equipment.

Professor Mikhail Yelesin, the laboratory head, the PSU Department of Construction and Heat and Water Supply head, has already tested the laboratory instruments during a unique expedition to the islands of Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land and told the participants and guests of the forum about geophysical research in the archipelagos.

Anton Pryamitsky, deputy chief engineer of Nornickel’s Polar Division, who oversees the company’s global project to implement a monitoring system for the state of industrial buildings and structures at Polar Division facilities, said that it is possible to join the Roscosmos satellite monitoring program, which has already launched about ten satellites and entered into an installation agreement. In parallel, a new system is being developed on domestic and Chinese components.

The geotechnical monitoring system, launched in Norilsk in the summer of 2021, went into pilot operation at the end of the year and almost immediately showed its effectiveness. Thanks to it at one of the Polar Division industrial facilities, as an example, a water leak in the technical underground was eliminated.

Anton Pryamitsky is well acquainted with all the participants of the scientific and technical forum. With many, according to him, the Polar Division “interacted, is interacting and will continue to interact”. Ready for cooperation and scientists.

“Science cannot and should not get stewed in its own juice”, said Dmitry Sergeyev, representative of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The head of the of the Geoecology Institute’s Geocryology Laboratory, of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences candidate, shared at the conference developments on substantiation of indicators and analysis of geocryological monitoring data.

Before coming to Norilsk, the scientist made a presentation on this topic for the Nornickel engineering team. According to him, in the northern city, he wanted to understand what is a priority in the territory today, what tasks should be addressed first.

The most titled guest of the forum knows the Norilsk permafrost the longest and closest. Mikhail Korolev, an honorary builder of Moscow and the Moscow region, honorary builder of Russia, the Geomechanics Laboratory head and the Applied Mechanics Institute deputy director, has repeatedly advised Norilsk enterprises on issues of permafrost soils. The creation of a monitoring center for buildings and structures in the Polar Division and the PSU is considered a priority.

His institute is waiting the PSU teachers and undergraduates for internships: a cooperation agreement was signed a year and a half ago. The capital is ready to share developments that can be tested in the laboratory of the research center in Norilsk.

The Higher School of Economics and the Novosibirsk Technical University, whose representatives responded to the proposals of the northernmost university, have been cooperating with Norilsk since the last century. A year ago, Mikhail Tsarapov, candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences from Moscow State University, joined this team. He gave a presentation on the importance of the education culture, planning and patriotism. The general director of the MSU’s Scientific and Production Enterprise with his team is ready to take an active part in the renovation of Norilsk: “We have the opportunity to design and build on a turnkey basis”.

In the History Spot section, we told that the pile foundation method in construction on permafrost was first used in Norilsk.

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Text: Valentina Vachayeva, Photos: Marina Peshkova and Nikolay Shchipko

April 06, 2022

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