Oldest and only: newspaper Taimyr is 90 years old

Oldest and only: newspaper Taimyr is 90 years old

July 11, 2022

It’s the world's only print media which publishes materials in five small ethnic groups’ languages.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The newspaper Taimyr of the Taimyrsky Dolgano-Nenetsky municipal district celebrated its 90th anniversary on July 10. This socio-political newspaper is published once a week on Thursdays on 20 pages of A3 format with a circulation of up to 1000 copies.

The first issue of the district newspaper Soviet Taimyr was published on July 10, 1932. The publication changed its name only once for 90 years, when it was decided to abandon everything Soviet, it was shortened to the word Taimyr in 1994.

The newspaper covers the social, economic and political aspects of the Taimyr and the Krasnoyarsk region’s life, publishes materials on the Northern small peoples’ languages ​​and culture.

Taimyr is the only print media in the world that publishes materials in five languages ​​of small nationalities: Dolgan, Nganasan, Evenki, Enets and Nenets. This made it possible to include the Taimyr newspaper in the Russian Book of Records.

The newspaper Soviet Taimyr was published five times a week with a circulation of 15 thousand copies and had its own correspondents in Hatanga, Karaul and Dikson in its best of times. The delay in the newspaper’s delivery to the Taimyr regional centers was no more than a day.

The newspaper’s editor Alexander Parashchuk managed to obtain the three-story building’s construction, where each employee had a separate office with a telephone, at a time when civil construction in the region was practically curtailed.

At one time, the Taimyr newspaper maintained close ties with the Dixon Telegraph in Dixon, Illinois. A small American city was twinned with the Taimyr Arctic village of Dixon, the Dixon Telegraph’s publisher and an American police sergeant came to visit Taimyr from the USA.

Today, the editorial office employs six creative workers, including an editor and a photojournalist. The newspaper is printed in color. One of the first decisions of the last Taimyr head was to preserve the newspaper as an integral part of the territory’s cultural heritage.

“I am sure that the newspaper will continue to occupy its large information field niche for a long time, journalists will continue to be at the regional events’ epicenter, express their fellow countrymen’s interests and cover the most pressing issues of the day”, said the municipal district’s head Evgeny Vershinin in his congratulations to Taimyr journalists.

The Taimyr Museum of Local Lore opened a virtual photo exhibition Soviet Taimyr reflecting the newspaper’s history from the moment it was founded in anniversary’s honor.

The exhibition presents photographs of the first newspaper’s issue, honored employees’ photos (editors, journalists, printing workers) and panoramic photos of the newspaper’s editorial office building of different years.

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Text: Denis Kozhevnikov, Photo: Denis Kozhevnikov, the Taimyr administration's press service

July 11, 2022

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