Nosok village is first to celebrate Reindeer Breeder Day in Taimyr

Nosok village is first to celebrate Reindeer Breeder Day in Taimyr

April 11, 2023

Throughout April, the holiday will roam the peninsula territory.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Residents of the Nosok village in Taimyr celebrated the first Reindeer Breeder Day this year. Nomads from the tundra came to the festival and competitions to take part in reindeer sleigh races, meet relatives and friends.

The main competitions of the holiday – reindeer sleigh races – were held among men and women. Having overcome the distance of 7.5 kilometers, Yakov Yar was the first to finish, Valentin Tesedo was the second, Robert Yaptune was in the third place.

Among women, Valentina Yar’s reindeer team became the fastest, Yana Yaptune came second, Anzhela Vengo got the third place.

For the first place, the region head, Evgeny Vershinin, presented the winners with a certificate for the snowmobiles purchase, for the second and third places, outboard motors and electric generators were awarded.

On this day, traditional sports events were also held – national wrestling and jumping over sleds, throwing a maut on a polecat, pulling a stick. Contests of men’s, women’s and children’s national clothes were organized for the villagers and the holiday guests, the winners and participants of the competition were presented with valuable gifts.

Those who wished could visit the camp with chums, where guests were treated with shurpa (meat broth) and hot tea, and were also offered to taste northern treats. The dance group of the Nenets studio Yaval and the creative groups of the rural settlement of Karaul performed on the festive stage.

Residents of Novorybnaya and Popigay villages will be next to take over the Reindeer Herder Day, where it will be held on April 15. National events will end on April 22 in the villages of Tuhard and Syndassko.

Prizes, as well as all valuable gifts for the competitions, were provided by the sponsorship of RN-Vankor gas and oil company.

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Text: Denis Kozhevnikov, Photo: author

April 11, 2023

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