Nornickel’s canteens prepare special apple menu

Nornickel’s canteens prepare special apple menu

August 23, 2022

Thematic days in industrial catering are held every month.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. A special atmosphere reigns in the working canteen of the Copper plant these days – the room is decorated in a rustic style, the dishes fit well into the rural interior with an apple accent. Today’s thematic day is held in honor of the first fruits holiday – the Apple Spas.

The ProServiceTaimyr employees (the company is responsible for food in the workers’ canteens) put a lot of effort and soul into decorating the interior and preparing special dishes.

“We love our visitors very much, we try to create beautiful delicious dishes for them. Today there are apples in dough, pancakes, pies with apples, apple salads. Cheesecakes with apple jam are very tasty. This dish is in high demand. Though our workers are brutal guys but they are fond of baked apples. Charlotte pie is also very popular. Since August 1, this dish has been introduced, today it is with apples – simple and very tasty”, said Inna Simanovich, the Copper plant canteens head.

Similar promotions are held in the Nornickel’s Polar Division canteens every month. Workers say they love their canteens for cleanliness, good attitude and delicious meals.

“Rich choice of food and everything is delicious. The team is good. Now I’m looking forward to tasting what they have prepared for the Apple Spas”, said Ildar Mamedov, repairman of the Copper plant.

“Recently, there were days of Uzbek cuisine, the days of northern cuisine are regularly held with the involvement of Moscow chefs. Excellent food, dishes are varied, even the pickiest person will find something to dine. This year at Apple Spas there are charlotte pie, and baked apples, and cheesecakes with apple jam, vitamin salads with apples, everything is delicious, there is a large choice”, said acting chief manager of the Copper plant Evgeny Kulakov.

Chefs from Nornickel are given master classes by Moscow technologists. Since May, canteens havebeen offering updated miner’s packages – the employees themselves can choose a hot second course and heat it underground using a flameless heating element. Also in the History Spot category we told that workers’ canteens in Norilsk had been the most visited catering points at the time of Norilsk combine construction.

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Text: Anzhelika Stepanova, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko

August 23, 2022

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