New strait discovered in Arctic

New strait discovered in Arctic

September 03, 2020

Russian scientists have discovered a new strait in the Arctic and collected artefacts.

Researchers from the Russian Geographical Society and the Northern Fleet have completed the tour of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago aboard the MB-12 sea tug. The scientists found that a small island separated from the Zherdi peninsula and a new strait was formed. Geographic objects were mapped and placed in the GPS system.

The members of the expedition found a hut of the Soviet period on cape Lomonosov, they also found household items, shell casings, animal bones around it. At the site of the encampment on Pahtusov Island, scientists found two more huts, a warehouse, a bathhouse and four burials, there were two anchors, household and craft items on the shore. In the area of ​​the first winter settlements of the Novaya Zemlya explorers on the coast of the Matochkin Shar strait, the expedition found a pectoral cross and an 18th century decoration. All historical artefacts will be transferred to the St. Petersburg Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The fleet noted that the work of the researchers was complicated by severe weather conditions. And several landings on the coast even had to be canceled due to the large number of polar bears.

In the near future, all members of the first detachment of the complex expedition will head for the main base of the Northern Fleet – Severomorsk.

Earlier, the This is Taimyr told that a detachment of the Russian Geographical Society and the Northern Fleet found a grocery warehouse on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago of one of the first research Arctic expeditions of 1872-1874 under the leadership of Karl Weiprecht and Julius Payer. Nine barrels for bread and seven boxes of sausage were kept in the crevice between the rocks under the stones.

Moreover, the scientists examined an underwater object in the Yenisey gulf. Initially, it was assumed that the legendary icebreaker Vaigach was found, which had sunk in 1918. But a detailed examination did not confirm it.

Let us remind you that the exploration of Novaya Zemlya is part of a comprehensive expedition. Another detachment is now working in the area of ​​the Taimyr peninsula on the Ilya Muromets icebreaker.

Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Wikimedia Commons

September 03, 2020

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