Musk ox sculpture installed at Taimyr Reserves building

Musk ox sculpture installed at Taimyr Reserves building

September 28, 2022

The bronze sculpture added to the northern animals figures collection in Norilsk.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The decoration of the city by northern animals monuments has become a tradition. So, earlier in Norilsk, a white bear, deer, walrus and storks have appeared in Norilsk.

The other day, a metal musk ox made in full size received “registration” on Kirov street, 24. Its weight is two tons, and the size is 1.7 by 2.4 meters.

According to Anvar Nizamutdinov, deputy director of the housing and communal services city department, new sculptures of northern animals are set in the city once every five years.

“White bear, deer and walrus are nice decorations for Norilsk and are loved by the townspeople. We think that the musk ox will also be loved by the residents, especially by children”, he added.

The figure of the Arctic giant was made for four months in Moscow. Before casting it in bronze, which, according to the project authors, conveys the animal’s appearance and character better, the sculptor created a layout of clay. The cost of the figure is five million rubles.

Larisa Stryuchkova, a leading specialist in public relations at the Taimyr reserves directorate, believes that the figure is dedicated to the forgotten Taimyr experiment. She recalled that the musk ox in Russia was first bred in the Far North. In the mid-70s of the last century, a small group of researchers from the Far North Agriculture Institute under the leadership of Grigory Yakushkin invested a lot of effort, love and patience to grow these mighty animals. The bronze ox will resemble the northerners’ scientific feat.

“The musk ox is one of the Taimyr icons, a symbol of the huge success of the Norilsk scientists, who nursed the musk ox population transferred here from Canada for 14 years: 20 individuals came to Taimyr, another 10 – to Wrangel island. Thanks to the huge work and care, the animals were able to go out: they took root, felt good and was able to live on their own”, Larisa Stryuchkova shared.

Experts note that animals thematic sculptures installation in Norilsk will continue in the future.

Scientists from Rosatom offered to populate the Arctic with camels – animals can reduce the ambient temperature and slow down the of global warming process.

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Text: Irina Chernyshova, photo: Olga Zaderyaka, Nikolay Shchipko

September 28, 2022

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