Music meditation

Music meditation

March 24, 2021

We continue telling about the Stars Corporation corporate competition’s winners. This time the story is about the duet named Different Sound.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Vazha Choniashvili, a leading geologist at Nornickel – Technical Services enterprise, and Andrey Bobrikov, a leading specialist in the information technology department at Nornickel – General Service Center, presented their performance in the Musical and Artistic Creativity category.

The participants united under the name Different Sound and for the competition they played a duet on handpans (handpan, or hang, is a percussion instrument consisting of two connected metal hemispheres. – Ed.)

Vazha’s interest in drums began a long time ago, but he has been playing professionally just for nine years.

“Basins, cymbals, stools – I played on everything that makes sound”, he said. “Once I found a souvenir drum in a shop, began to develop my skills playing it, then I learned to play professionally. It helped that I traveled to India and found an African drum teacher there”.

Returning to Norilsk, Vazha continued practicing on his own.

He asked for a classroom at the Norilsk Youth Center and started inviting people. Some of them have succeeded, now they can drum together.

There are 14 professional drums in Vazha’s collection, but he is not going to stop there. The geologist-musician regularly travels to India to hone his skills.

Andrey’s very first instrument was a guitar, which he acquired at the age of 18. And at 20 he was already playing the Tibetan bowls.

“I have mastered the guitar at a relatively good level, I can play any melody and improvise. Of the unusual instruments, Tibetan bowls were the first. Then a handpan appeared. I call them musical-meditative instruments, intuitive, you can play them even without knowing music”, says Andrey. “Other percussion instruments, for example, djembe, Vazha taught me to play (djembe is a West African drum in the form of a cup with an open narrow bottom and a wide top, on which a leather membrane is stretched. – Ed.). Now I have 12 kinds of musical instruments”.

The musicians recall that they performed together several times, held offsite events. The jury highly appreciated the performance video for the Stars Corporation.

“Vazha and I recorded the video in ten minutes”, said Andrey Bobrikov. “We just know the technique and can improvise at this level”.

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Text: Ekaterina Maksimova, Photo: contestants

March 24, 2021

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