Man from Norilsk made little boy’s dream come true

Man from Norilsk made little boy’s dream come true

December 30, 2020

The man responded to the child’s request for a New Year’s gift on the елкажеланий.рф site.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. New Year holiday is the time when the most secret dreams come true. The Christmas Tree of Wishes charitable event is taking place all over Russia these days. It is especially important for children with disabilities and for those whose desires there is no one to realize.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is the first to participate in this action every year. Governors and other dignitaries join him. However, nobody is forbidden to fulfill children’s dreams.

“We received the telescope the very next day. You should have seen Yaroslav’s face!”, says the boy’s mother

Tatiana Zykova, a resident of Krasnoyarsk, still calls this story a miracle. Her son Yaroslav is eight years old. A boy diagnosed with autism is a first grade student.

“Where he got such a dream – to have his own telescope, I don’t know. Most likely, he saw it on TV”, Tatiana suggests. “He is very lively and inquisitive. When we go to school, it’s usually dark – he needs to look at the stars, in the evening – at the Moon”.

Friends suggested that you can write about the child’s wish on the charitable website elkazhelaniy.rf. You can ask for something material or for a gift-impression. Tatiana had already heard about this and even seen reports on TV, but she could not believe that this would somehow help her son’s dream come true.

The little astronomer has already studied the Moon

“I left an application in the last days of the action”, says the woman. “Our wish was more-than-twenty-thousandth one in the list. I didn’t write much about my child. I thought the chances were zero”.

However, a couple of days later, Tatyana’s mobile rang. Unknown number – she did not answer. The persistent messages said: “pick up the phone, this is the Christmas tree of wishes!”

“We phoned. The man introduced himself as Evgeny, said that he was from Norilsk and was ready to fulfill my son’s wish. We couldn’t believe such a miracle!”, Yaroslav’s mother does not hold back her emotions. “We went with to the children’s store to choose a telescope, but our kind magician said that it was not serious, the thing should be good, so he himself would choose a model on the site and arrange delivery to Krasnoyarsk. We received the telescope the very next day. You should have seen Yaroslav’s face!”

In forty-degree frosts, when it is foggy in Krasnoyarsk, the stars in the sky cannot be seen even with a powerful telescope. But the moon, which shines through the window of their apartment, the little astronomer has already studied. Yaroslav is now waiting for a good weather. And it’s warm in his mother’s heart – a complete stranger from another city responded to her son’s request. There is no need to explain what this means. It is enough to perform a small miracle for a child once, and he will believe in magic all his life.

Text: Elena Popova, Photo: Tatiana Zykova

December 30, 2020

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