Kremlin discussed Russian Arctic future

Kremlin discussed Russian Arctic future

April 18, 2022

At the meeting, the topics of northern delivery, ecology, investment projects, Northern Sea Route development and scientific research were raised.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The North should be provided with all goods: food, fuel, medicines, building materials. President Vladimir Putin said that the Arctic territories supply must remain uninterrupted. A special law on northern delivery will be developed to regulate all issues of delivering goods to hard-to-reach territories.

In addition, it is necessary to prepare a list and schedule for the movement of ships involved in the northern delivery, and ensure their priority exit from ports, as well as actively use air transport.

Due to the refusal of some foreign partners to fulfill their obligations to provide the Arctic with the necessary products, a number of transport logistics chains have been disrupted. They need to be rebuilt. According to the president, Russia has all the opportunities and resources to quickly find alternative solutions and strengthen its independence from external factors in the future.

To ensure safe and reliable transportation of goods, it is necessary to approve a master plan for the development of the Northern Sea Route until 2035.

“It is necessary to clearly fix the deliveries terms and volumes of icebreaker fleet ships, cargo ships of the Arctic class, as well as component equipment that is necessary for their construction”, Putin said.

He urged to include in the consolidated plan measures to modernize and expand the production capacities of shipbuilding enterprises, as well as the construction and maintenance of a rescue fleet and integrated emergency rescue centers of the Emergency Situations Ministry.

The implementation of priority investment projects in the Arctic, on which the further development of the Arctic regions and the inhabitants’ well-being depends, should go according to plan. Many of them need to be adjusted, additionally supported and provided with flexible, non-standard solutions, the president said.

The Cabinet of Ministers and the heads of the Arctic regions have been instructed to take special control over the construction and renovation of social facilities – kindergartens, schools, hospitals, medical and obstetric stations.

Projects to eliminate the accumulated environmental damage should continue in full in the Arctic. The president noted that all Russian programs in the Arctic are closely related to the tasks of preserving biodiversity and Arctic ecosystems.

Vladimir Putin demanded to complete the tests of the North Pole platform without delay. In the fall, the scientific vessel is to go on an expedition. The North Pole station as a drifting autonomous laboratory will become one of the platforms for international scientific cooperation. It has no analogues in the world, so the scientific community is interested in the platform to appear and start working.

“It will provide the widest range of research – from bottom sediments and ice to the upper layers of the atmosphere”, Putin said.

Earlier, the This Is Taimyr informed that Nornickel continues to implement the Clean Norilsk program. The company also initiated a large-scale study of biodiversity in three regions of Russia.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko and Denis Kozhevnikov

April 18, 2022

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