Ice drift is late: ice edge is 400 kilometers from Dudinka

Ice drift is late: ice edge is 400 kilometers from Dudinka

May 23, 2023

Ice passing on Yenisey in Taimyr capital expected on 2-7 June

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. At the commission for the emergency situations prevention and liquidation, chaired by the Taimyr head Evgeny Vershinin, they discussed the preliminary forecast of ice drift on the Yenisey in the territory.

“This year, the delay in ice drift, compared to last year, is 250–400 kilometers. According to preliminary forecasts, ice drift in the Dudinka area is expected from 2 to 7 June. The beginning of berths flooding in the Dudinka seaport is possible by May 25–26”, said Andrey Shopin, Taimyr deputy head, municipal department for civil defense and emergency situations head.

As of May 22, in Dudinka, the water rose by 15 centimeters in a day, the level was 647 centimeters. The edge of the ice drift is located 400 kilometers from Dudinka on the Kureyka – Igarka section. Last year at this time it was 100 kilometers away – in the Potapovo area.

“In order to ensure the flood waters passing safety on the municipal district territory, the commission approved a plan for organizational, technical and preventive measures to protect the population and the territory during the flood and ice drift.

So, in case of flooding, the issue of evacuating residents of the Levinsky Sands village, people from the Karaul rural settlement fishing points and from the Sopochnaya Karga meteorological station has been worked out. The methods of evacuation and points of people temporary accommodation have been determined”, the Taimyr administration press office reports.

During the ice movement on the Dudinka and Yenisey rivers, police officers were advised to ensure the public order protection along the lower bypass road near the port borders and to prevent people from entering life-threatening areas.

The Dudinka city mayor, Yuri Gurin, was recommended to intensify work on clearing streets and yards from snow, to take control of the storm drains cleaning. Alexey Novakov, the Nornickel Polar transport division director, was told to remove the port property from the flooded coastal zone.

Recall that the port of Dudinka is unique in terms of hydrological parameters: it is the only one in the world whose sea and river berths are flooded with flood waters every spring. The entire infrastructure of the port is dismantled in advance and moved to higher elevations. After the ice drift, it is restored again. The earliest ice drift in the history of observations was in Dudinka in May 2020.

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Text: Victor Tsarev, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko, Denis Kozhevnikov and Taimyr administration press office

May 23, 2023

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