Future lyceum to be modern education core

Future lyceum to be modern education core

June 08, 2023

Construction of the lyceum named after V. Dolgih on the 50 Years of October street will be financed by Nornickel.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The new educational center of Norilsk will be both the best educational practices accelerator and a socio-cultural center. Teachers, experts and activists interested in the city development discussed the lyceum’s prospects at the project seminar Actual Issues of Managing an Educational Organization. The event took place at the site of the Norilsk Development Agency (NDA).

The expert public discussion’s organizers were the School of Anthropology of the Future of the Institute of Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the president of the Russian Federation, the department of general and preschool education of the Norilsk administration and the NDA.

Pavel Rabinovich, the School of Anthropology of the Future deputy director, addressed the seminar participants. According to him, the educational program of the lyceum will consist of three levels: primary, secondary and senior, with emphasis on the development of age-appropriate types of thinking:

“The entire educational process leitmotifs are design and research activities, upbringing as the accepting of cultural norms by lyceum students. The lyceum’s key values are: the authenticity principle (all participants in educational activities realize their ideas, potential, bear responsibility for this and are endowed with appropriate competencies), real projects with goals, budgets and results instead of training initiatives, subjectivity of all participants in educational activities at all stages, a culture of mistakes (not only the experience of achievements is important, but also the experience of mistakes and reflection), the vitality principle (an increase in competencies from any type of educational activity for each participant in the process) and the inclusiveness principle.

The lyceum construction on the 50 years of October street will begin soon. The work will be financed by Norilsk Nickel.

The modern educational complex is planned to open in September 2026. The lyceum’s concept, developed by the School of High Latitudes project team, consisting of Norilsk schools’ representatives, Polar State University (PSU) and NDA, with the support of specialists from the School of Anthropology of the Future and the Education for Society Foundation, was approved by the Norilsk administration and by Nornickel.

The project team, based on the experience of the best schools in the country, forms the future lyceum’s educational model, thinks through the interior equipment of each room and solves many other issues. Thus, recently the ownership form was chosen and the founders were determined – the lyceum will be an autonomous non-profit organization established by the Norilsk city, NDA and PSU.

The lyceum assumes a large educational program that will go far beyond the framework of the Federal State Educational Standard. The seminar participants came to an understanding that the lyceum will be financed not only from the budget, but also from non-budgetary sources. Now the task is to understand who and how will support the lyceum.

Earlier, we reported that the Nornickel Polar Division’s design office presented the architectural design of Oganer residential development.

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Text: Viktor Tsarev, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko

June 08, 2023

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