Big Arctic regatta reaches Arhangelsk

Big Arctic regatta reaches Arhangelsk

July 15, 2021

The northernmost point of BAR-2021 will be Murmansk.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The big Arctic regatta docked at the seaport in Arhangelsk. BAR-2021 is a unique project by Stanislav Koryakin dedicated to the development of small-sized shipping in Arctic rivers and seas.

This year, the expedition sailed beautifully on June 14 under the raised bridges of St. Petersburg on two yachts – Maria and Adriana. In lake Onega, the Polar Odysseus joined them.

The journey will take about a month and a half. The route includes Shlisselburg, Svir river, Kizhi, Pendushi, Belomorkanal, Arhangelsk, Teriberka. The northernmost point is Murmansk. In the return route – Teriberka, Solovki, Belomorsk, Povenets, Voznesseniye, Lodeinoe Pole, Shlisselburg, St. Petersburg. It is 2300 nautical miles, 5 regions, 2 lakes, 2 seas, 2 rivers and a canal.

“The main task of the expedition is to study the infrastructure for small vessels and the possibilities to travel as part of the fleet: the availability of equipped berths, the level of service, and the tourist potential of the regions”, explained Stanislav Koryakin, director of the Great Arctic Regatta Agency for the Development of the Water Recreation Industry and Coastal Areas on the Telegram channel @bigarcticrace.

On the way to Arhangelsk, the travelers have already experienced several adventures: on Novaya Ladoga, Maria ran aground in front of the pier, which is not indicated on the map. Moreover, in the city of Podporozhye of the Leningrad region, yachtsmen for a long time could not agree and find a good place to moor on the Svir river. In Kizhi, the expedition was caught in a storm, and the yachts were not allowed to dock for a whole day. The travelers were told that the pier was only for Meteors and Comets with tourists. The ships were at anchor for almost a day.

“During stops in the settlements of the Leningrad region, the expedition members leave an ecological memorable trail: they plant trees of the ancient Petrovsky oak, the same one that Peter the Great himself planted in the Summer Garden. Travelers transfer the geolocation of each seedling to the Russian Museum, its employees will follow the condition of each oak tree”, said Stanislav Koryakin.

On July 7, the expedition passed through the Leningrad region. Those were nine very different settlements, with a developed water infrastructure or none at all.

“This year we have studied the water area of the Leningrad region more thoroughly. The waterways and the accompanying coastal infrastructure are not going so smoothly yet. We need an integrated approach, the issue is systemic and requires strategic coordination”, said Stanislav Koryakin.

In Arhangelsk, the crew took on board the correspondent of the Arctic Development Project Office (PORA) Alexander Osenkov, who will take photos and videos. The big Arctic expedition is moving further north.

Earlier we reported that the famous polar explorer Vladimir Chukov visited Norilsk and Taimyr.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova

July 15, 2021

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