Which beads are most valuable and expensive?

Which beads are most valuable and expensive?

May 25, 2021

Lilia Kabydedova is not a newcomer to the Stars Corporation competition, she has been participating in it almost from the very beginning.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Six millennia ago, the art appeared in Egypt, in which lovers of handicraft and creativity began to use small glass balls. Then they were called busra or ‘fake pearls’. The Arabs called this material buser, after which the name bisser appeared.

Lilia learned to make jewelry only a couple of years ago
Previously she had started with icons

The work, marked at the competition Stars Corporation – 20 flower necklaces from beads Festive Mood – Lilia made of Japanese beads. Its cost is high, but the craftswoman is sure: the result is worth it. Natural stones are also woven into the necklaces.

“Czech beads wouldn’t fit here. It is larger, it can be used for weaving flowers, but mostly paintings are embroidered with it on different canvases. Japanese beads are calibrated, shine beautifully and are often used to create jewelry: brooches, earrings, necklaces”, says our heroine.

“My first beads were plastic: my father cut the multi-colored wire, and got plastic ‘beads’. I like beading, it is painstaking work that requires perseverance. But the main thing here is inspiration. It happens that I don’t sleep for a day and night making a product”, Lilia confesses.

From time to time, Nina Ptitsova, the head of the Vernissage creative association, of which our heroine is also a member, helps with sketches.

“I am grateful to Nina for her participation. She also organizes various master classes, where you not only learn new decorative and applied techniques, but also communicate with other masters, which is always very interesting”, says Lilia.

Together with the club, by the way, she participated in many exhibitions, as well as at charity fairs, where, thanks to the work of the craftswomen, they raised funds for the rehabilitation of sick children.

Lilia learned to make jewelry only a couple of years ago. Previously she had started with icons. The first was even consecrated in the Norilsk cathedral.

Lilia is thinking about what work she will present at the Stars Corporation – 2021. And although he has been participating in the competition almost from the its staet, he does not hide: she always tries her best, and it is pleasant when the jury marks this effort.

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Maria Sokolova, Photo: personal archive of Lilia Kabydedova

May 25, 2021

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