Seventh Polyarka dedicated to all kinds of reality

Seventh Polyarka dedicated to all kinds of reality

April 26, 2021

On the occasion of the Norilsk Drama anniversary, we continue recalling the best theatrical premieres and projects of different years.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Non-flying weather prevented Yury Makeyev’s Theater of Taste and the legendary Alexey Paperny from coming to Norilsk. Only the Horonko Orchestra, broke through to the special program of the seventh Polyarka. All the claimed directors and critics also arrived.

The opening of the laboratory of modern drama Polyarka under the direction of Oleg Loevsky was preceded by a conversation between the guests and the Norilsk residents about the problems of understanding contemporary art.

Tatiana Tikhonovets and Elena Konovalova, constant Polyarka critics, recalled Damir Muratov’s exhibition, which had not been accepted by the Norilsk people, and came to the conclusion that the city needs to work ahead of the curve with contemporary art.

A young but well-known critic Anton Hitrov, who came to Norilsk for the first time, spoke of the need to combine the high-class of theatrical aesthetics and entertainment story. According to him, the art is to guess what the viewer wants and give it to him.

The very first sketch by director Dmitry Akrish based on the newly written play For You (Marina Osharina and Tatiana Osina) was an example of such a hit. Despite the fact that theater experts criticized the play, the revised sketch, thanks to the director’s skill and the work of the artists, remained on the poster of the Norilsk drama.

The love story behind the scenes of catwalks and fashion shows called Inside Out is from time to time on the small stage of the theater.

The play of 2018 – Slide – written by Alexey Zhitkovsky, turned out to be even closer to the audience of Polyarka. Unfortunately, the sad story of a kindergarten teacher directed by Elizaveta Bondar remained a sketch.

The undoubted success of the seventh laboratory was Timur Fairuzov’s (Norilsk theatre director) sketch based on Dmitry Danilov’s play – Seryozha is Very Dumb. This was the second (after The Man from Podolsk) in our theater staging of the play by the writer Dmitry Danilov, who successfully retrained as a playwright. It was this sketch, played on the main stage, that collected the majority of the audience votes in favor.

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Text: Valentina Vachaeva, Photo: Alexander Haritonov and Nikolay Shchipko

April 26, 2021

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