Vysotsky in Norilsk: truth or myth?

Vysotsky in Norilsk: truth or myth?

June 09, 2020

A romantic legend saying that a famous actor and performer Vladimir Vysotsky wrote a song sitting on the balcony of the Norilsk Hotel has existed in the city since the late 1960s.

According to some old-timers, it happened when the singer visited the northern with a concert.

Now it’s hard to define the year when it happened – either in 1964, or in 1966, according to unofficial information. But official Soviet history denies the artist’s arrival in Norilsk completely. And the hotel named Norilsk (now it is a building on Gvardeiskaya Square, 2, occupied by the Nornickel Polar Branch management office) has no balconies at all.

However, all this does not break the legend. On the contrary, it acquires new unexpected details. Fortunately, people who remember that Vysotsky’s short visit to our region still live in Norilsk.

“It was in 1968 or 1969,” told Marina Golomedova, a Norilsk native. “My father worked as a foreman in the housing and communal administration, so he was responsible for the Norilsk hotel maintenance. In addition, the hotel director was his good friend. At dinner that evening, my father told that there was a fight in the hotel involving Vysotsky. The police ordered him to leave the city within 24 hours. I was 14 years old, but I knew Vysotsky well and even kept notebooks with the lyrics of his songs.

It turned out that Vladimir gave a concert to the geologists and builders who were building the village of Talnah at that time. The visit was private. After that, the artist and his company arranged a noisy feast, which was not liked by other guests. Perhaps Vysotsky did not participate in the fight and this was the work of fans. But the police treated him severely. And the artist had to leave Norilsk. Fortunately, the weather was good for the flight. Otherwise it might have been delayed and much more legends would have arisen in the city. Some time later, a debate on the topic whether Vysotsky was in Norilsk or not erupted.

I think the official version that this was all untrue exists because neither the Komsomol members nor the city party were invited to the concert. Perhaps, the authorities hide the fact that Vysotsky came to Norilsk, because he was not met the way he should have been. In any case, I trust my father and I know: Vysotsky visited Norilsk”.

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Text: Julia Gubeladze, Photo: open sources

June 09, 2020

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