True athlete distinguished by healthy competition spirit

True athlete distinguished by healthy competition spirit

May 25, 2021

The hero of the Territory Genius section’s subproject I Choose Sport, which tells about the Nornickel’s sports life, is, an employee of the control and analytical department.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. For the last four years Nikita Bezkorovainy has been managing the sports life of the CAD. But unlike many colleagues in the sports department, sport is not the main occupation for him at the enterprise. His main task is to control the physical factors of the laboratory for controlling industrial hazards of the radio-ecological control center, he is the head of the site.

Nikita Bezkorovainy

Nikita was born in Norilsk. He became interested in sports, like many of us, in early childhood. At first, it was yard football and games on a hockey rink, later – entering a sports school. He tried himself in different sports: futsal, basketball, swimming, athletics and even karate. His father instilled in him a love of table tennis, his grandfather – to checkers and chess.

Nikita tried himself in different sports: futsal, basketball, swimming, athletics and even karate.

In vocational school, he was the captain of the volleyball and basketball teams. He did not leave sports at the Norilsk Industrial Institute either. After graduation, in 2010, he got a job at the CAD, but even there I did not give up his long-term habit.

“Since I play basketball and futsal well, I was immediately attracted to the competition. I also tried myself in athletics, volleyball. But I especially like chess and checkers. In general, amateur athletes who do not strive for world records find it useful to combine several sports. For example, if football develops physical endurance and builds character, chess or checkers is an excellent training of the mind, which helps in work and in life”, he is sure.

In 2017, when the position of the CAD sports instructor was vacant, Nikita was offered to try himself in the new field.

According to Nikita, today out of 750 employees of the CAD, about 80 people go in for sports, regularly participate in sports festivals and other competitions.

“Since the CAD employs women mainly, we are especially strong in women’s competitions: our volleyball players, athletes and skiers give results and pep others’ spirits to win, for which we are especially grateful,” he added.

At the end of the conversation, Nikita noted that, in his opinion, a true athlete is distinguished by a spirit of healthy competition, which in turn increases motivation for everything else, including success in production.

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Mikhail Tuaev, Photo: personal archive of Nikita Bezkorovainy

May 25, 2021

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